Still Takin’ Care of Baby Shower Biz!

Last night we went to Paramount Studios and saw Alice in Wonderland. I give it 2 stars, totally lame. Antz practically slept through the whole thing. This morning we went to breakfast at House of Pies with Antz sister, Debra.

After yummy cinamin raisin french toast, we went to Michael’s so we could choose our yarn since Debra is knitting a blanket for Olivia. It was hard to choose but we came up with a striped pattern and chose these colors.

Antz and I found the materials to make our handlebar moustaches and the sticks. I am super excited to work on them today. I also am going to work on the baby celeb board but I need to find pics of the babies without their parents in them. * will be heavily utilized* After that we went to Ikea so we could buy the Fabler canopy for the tables and we bought a stuffed animal holder. I saw this cool idea for Olivia’s toddler room. How adorable are these frames?

I picked up a cute pot on a whim for the plant in the living room. I love how it brings much needed pop of color to the room. I smile whenever I walk by, the plant even looks happier.

Antz installed the curtain tiebacks and they look awesome.

They are bigger than I thought, but they show up better too so I love them for $24!! I’ll post the moustache and celeb baby game results later.

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