Room 602 at The Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

As promised here is the Honeymoon Suite at the Lloyd Hotel. We had so much fun in this room. Our view of the harbor and the clock tower felt like we were on a film set. The rustic A-line roof was perfectly spooky and austere. Olivia loves taking baths so she hopped right in. We had fun on the swing and ordered room service since we didn’t want to leave the room. I hope we can return to the Lloyd soon and stay in another rad room *hopefully the one with the enormous bed* I would definitely recommend this place if you are in Amsterdam.


Everything felt like The Shining

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I loved how the room was simultaneously dark but immersed in sunlight
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The bathroom was tiny but clean. The shower had great water pressure but I felt like I was going to flood the floor.

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Liv took this cool photo of her folks
This pretty armoire was large enough to fit the three of us

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We met the sweetest Irish lady in the restaurant. She told us all the local places to see and gave Liv some almond cookies.


Goodbye Anne! We’ll miss your yummy profiteroles
We brought home a blank pair of wooden clogs for Antz to paint. I also picked up some tulip bulbs to plant in our garden.
The bittersweet taxi ride to the airport is always the lamest part of traveling.

Sleepy face!


So long Amsterdam


Pretty packaging KLM
We lucked out again with the sweetest flight attendants


We met the Captain and toured the cockpit


 Hello President Obama!


Our trip was over in a blur. It’s so true that time flies when you are having fun. We had the time of our lives in those short four weeks. It felt like we spent more time in line at customs than our entire trip! We pushed ourselves pretty hard with my packed itinerary and jet lag hit us hard so we missed some fun places *Sissyboy/Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) and NDSM werf* We will hopefully return in early spring to see the tulip fields. Olivia seemed underwhelmed with flying but I am sure when she’s older, she’ll understand the magnitude of spending your fourth birthday in Europe.

One thought on “Room 602 at The Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

  1. What an amazing trip! It was really neat to see your updates as you traveled. You captured so much fun and adventure – it was obviously a fantastic time. And it was wonderful to see things I never would have thought to explore. (Having never been to London or Paris they were particularly interesting.)

    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I'm so impressed with your family and how much you are enjoying life together. 🙂

    (I used to work with Anthony)

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