San Francisco Day Two

Our Sunday began with the wonderful luxury of sleeping in. It’s such a rare instance that Liv sleeps late so it was a treat. We checked out of our hotel and headed to Hayes Valley for brunch at a Carnival themed restaurant called Straw. I was looking for restaurants on Pinterest when I came across their donut breakfast sandwich, I just had to try it. Luckily, I found parking easily *in the city with $50 parking lots* It was a beautiful day, we loved the food and decor. Afterwards we walked to Miette the prettiest candy store I’ve ever been to. Liv and I were literally kids in a candy store. It was delightful and overwhelming in the best way! After careful consideration we choose our goodies and I took photos of everything. Next we took a scenic drive around town and stopped by the rad hidden Seward Slides which was super fun. We ended the day at the Golden Gate park before hitting the highway back home.


Liv and Antz played Ms. Pac-Man while I checked out of our hotel.

sf trolley
I love the retro trolleys. As much as I enjoyed staying at the W hotel but I wasn’t a big fan of the downtown district we were in. It’s full of tourists and traffic and I am itching to explore the Mission part of town.

When I visit SF again, I am going to give myself enough time to just drive around gawking at the beautiful architecture of this magical city. I took these photos with my iPhone but they don’t show the true beauty of these victorians.

purple victorian sf

I love the colors of this Queen Anne. I could see myself living in SF.

We drove past the San Francisco Unified School District building. I just noticed my bun was inspired by cotton candy!

Hayes Valley is a quiet area that reminded me of Highland Park. They even had a parklet like ours. I can tell it’s a part of town going through gentrification.

Straw had a wonderful carnival theme. We took this photo but Antz thought it was too tight to eat in there.


How cute are the menus? I was so happy my Mom ordered the sweet potato tots so I could give them a taste. Everything looked great but I was there for the donut breakfast sandwich.

sf straw antz
Totally yum!

A few blocks away is Miette. I don’t understand why there isn’t one in LA! Liv and I were in pink, pretty candy heaven!


sf miette Liz
sf straw miette candy wall

Liv said “Look, Rocky Horror Picture Show lips!”

sf lips

I find so many cool places on Pinterest. I couldn’t leave San Francisco without checking out the hidden Seward slides. I love the “No adults unless accompanied by children” rule!

sf slide rules

sf slide livDSC_8302

I’m no scaredy cat but this was the steepest slide I’ve ever ridden.

Olivia definitely approved of this park.

We had to drive down Lombard Street, the crooked-iest street in the world

sf lombard street

Great view of Alcatraz just off of Lombard Street

sf alcatrez

Our last stop was Golden Gate park to show Olivia the iconic bridge. Guess who fell asleep before we arrived?

sf golden gate bridge

We still have so much to do on our next trip to the Bay area, see you soon SF!

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