Victoria, British Columbia

We have friends who recommended taking a day trip to Vancouver Island, so we spent our fourteenth wedding anniversary in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We sped across the Puget Sound on the Victoria Clipper. The ride was two hours but it felt like a few minutes because we were flying.

Victoria, Vancouver Island British Columbia is beautiful. It’s a shame it was so hot but being close to the sea gave us a nice breeze. Liv insisted we tour the city on a horse drawn carriage.



We stopped so we could pick apples to feed to our horse.



The Parliament buildings were fascinating.


These guys were reenacting the history of Victoria in British accents.





This is our favorite Misha Lulu dress which was a gift from Karen.


Out of all the whale watching boats that went out that day, we were the only ones to head east and we saw a huge pod of orcas hunting for fish. We saw entire families and learned that the grandma was 80 years old! It was such an incredible moment seeing them jump out of the water but my camera was too slow to capture it.




The seafood was fresh and the service was amazing. Our waitress was so excited to speak French with Olivia. I was delighted to discover the dollar has more value to the Canadian dollar so our anniversary meal was less than half then what I would pay in LA.


My only complaint about Victoria is they don’t have Uber. We were lucky to find friendly taxi drivers and our last one gave us a quick tour of the city on our drive back to the boat. I was lucky enough to even catch some rare Pokemon *nerd alert*


Victoria was so much fun and quaint town. I loved seeing the intricate totem poles, the grand Parliament building and the harbor were so picturesque. We would love to return and spend a weekend at the Empress hotel and have high tea.

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