Train to Portland, Oregon

It’s funny how we ended up back in Portland during the same week as our summer road trip last year. Since we were heading north to visit Evelyn & Dion in Seattle, I thought it would be fun to take the train back home to LA with a stop in Portland to visit our friends Story & Chris. The Amtrak train from Seattle to Portland was just under four hours.

We departed early from the magnificent King’s Street station. Traveling by train felt so elegant. The station is by far one of the prettiest I’ve seen in North America. To be fair, Union station in Los Angeles is pretty too, however all the times I’ve been there it’s been under construction or populated with homeless people so I haven’t enjoyed the beauty of it. We didn’t have to stand in long frustrating lines like at the airport and I was the first person to check my bag. We were expecting a hectic morning so with our leisure time, I spent most of the morning photographing the empty station. I realized I wanted some coffee for the trip so Liv and I walked a few blocks to a nearby Starbucks.




The train had an authentic Alfred Hitchcock film vibe. Everyone was very friendly, it almost better than flying. Less rude passengers and we could walk around as we pleased.

In the observation car, we had a historian/national parks ranger aboard giving us a lecture on the National parks and the people who founded the cities we travelled through.



This is the famous Tahoma Narrows bridge known as Galloping Gertie that collapsed in 1940 due to a strong wind. Did you know that the only fatality from that day was a pet dog who refused to be rescued from a car?




We purchased business class tickets for this leg of the trip, it was about $60 per person. I highly recommend taking the train, the scenery was incredible and we were in Portland in no time.


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