Seattle Day Two

We spent the next day being typical tourists and hitting the popular Seattle spots; the Space Needle, Chihuly Glass Garden and Pike’s Place Market. It was one hundred degrees!


Can I please put a vintage radiator in my house? Just look at that iron detailing!



After breakfast I saw our neighbors were checking out of a cool Shepard Fairey themed room. I originally requested that room but it only has a twin bed and no private bathroom so I’m happy with our fancy cat room.

My floral ascot is from Etsy shop Fox & Brie.

The Ace hotel is within walking distance to most of Seattle’s landmarks.

During the 43 second elevator ride up the Space Needle, we saw these spiders that were sculpted to look three dimensional from above.



I must admit, Liv has an issue with heights lately and I somewhat feel responsible. I try not to show my fear of heights and I was much more comfortable here than on top of the Eiffel Tower yet there was a slope in the floor that Liv didn’t like. She was a trooper to actually go outside and face her fears but those smiles you see were after tears were shed.


Please help yourself to a huge slice of cheese this photo is serving.


Evelyn and Dion met us at the Chihuly Glass Garden Exhibition. They ride their bikes all over the city and told us that Seattle has the safest bike lanes they have ever ridden. The Space Needle is next door to Chihuly, we bought package tickets for both venues but honestly, you don’t need to go on top of the needle. However, I would highly recommend visiting the glass garden. The exhibits were stunning! I couldn’t take enough photos to do it justice and forgive the quality of my photos, the attraction were in low light which I find impossible to shoot.


We kept finding hidden items in this ceiling exhibit, cherubs and cute little objects, it was overwhelmingly beautiful and ornate.


This room reminded me of my favorite singer Björk, all that was missing was her whimsical Vespertine album playing.


This is my favorite shot Antz took of our day! He goes through great lengths to get the perfect angle!



Next we boarded a trolley for a tour of the city. I was going to book the Ride the Duck land and sea tour with but unfortunately they had an accident not too long ago that made me reconsider. I love any activity that involves learning interesting facts and history while relaxing (sitting on my lazy butt!).

I’m bummed we didn’t have time to stop at the UPS Waterfall park which is such an incredible small space on a city block. We got off at the most famous place in Seattle. I’ve wanted to go here ever since The Real World Seattle aired in ancient times (1998!)



Pike Place Market reminds me of LA’s 3rd Street Farmers Market. It has classic charm and numerous vendors with beautiful produce but is somewhat ruined by the hordes of tourists. I luckily did my research and read about the lower level that is less crowded and has a quirky area dedicated to the world’s tallest man Robert Wadlow. Random I know but I love anything related to weird and obscure.



One of my favorite free things to do while on vacation is check out playgrounds. So far San Francisco hold’s the title for the best slides and Paris has the prettiest playground but the Artists at Play adjacent to the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project was pretty rad.


Since it was the final stop on our trolley tour, we stopped for Liv to play while Evelyn & Dion rode their bikes home. It was too hot to stay as long as we wanted so we took an Uber to Evelyn & Dion’s house. We got stuck in traffic but our lively Uber driver gave us a scenic tour of the lovely Queen Anne district. We only see our niece and nephew once a year so it was great to spend precious time with them.

We ended our day at Olivia’s request taking a ride on Seattle’s Great Wheel.


I love these two curly-heads!

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