This is no Dream… This is Really Happening!

Nous sommes arrivés à Paris! I can’t believe we have been here three whole days. Of course time is flying by in this beautiful city. Our flight was seamless which is shocking considering how much grief our fourteen pieces of luggage plus our huge iMac computer was giving Antz and me.


Thank goodness my Mom has a monster truck called “Beast” to help us carry all our heavy bags! I even had to ship two suitcases because they were too heavy for the plane. I hope you got the Rosemary’s Baby (Mia Farrow with the cutest Pixie haircut ever) reference, film nerds! I got this rad shirt just for the flight because I love Rosemary’s Baby and I still am in denial that we have actually moved to f-ing PARIS!!


This angel here hooked us up in such an awesome way!! I feel like the entire airport was cheering us on as we were leaving. Flying premium class has it’s perks, like we were able to hang out in the VIP lounge at LAX and I had so many yummy cocktails. They were serving a drink called Red Carpet because the Oscars were happening that weekend. I accidentally left my beloved navy Yokoo scarf in the lounge and only discovered it was missing as we were about to board our plane.

I wish I’d known we would end up having a two hour delay (we just ended up sitting on the plane) I would have tried to run and grab it. Boo!


Yet, we didn’t lose anything else and my neurotic thoughts of our iMac computer getting damaged were all for naught. Norwegian Airlines was a dream to fly and we slept most of the flight. Look at all that glorious legroom!



We arrived a Charles de Gaulle airport much later than I planned so we didn’t have time to go to dinner. I was so happy to go through customs easy, peasy. It took me so many long, stressful months to get those visas and I wanted to kiss the agent who stamped them!


We were exhausted and terribly hot (check out my hair!!) by the time we found the rental car place. Luckily, I got a cool English-speaking dude who hooked us up with a minivan that fit all our ridiculous luggage. I have to say Thank You to my Mommy for giving us bungee cords! We wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere with all this luggage without them and they really came in handy when we were packing the van.


I was surprised that I liked the rental car we got this time. Even though minivans aren’t cool at all, I was grateful it was an automatic transmission, with heated seats. I could plug my phone to play my music and I set up the driving navigation. I was also happy for the rear camera because parking here is no joke. It’s like a crazy game of Tetris. Driving in Paris is no different than LA other than the dreaded roundabouts. Those were definitely tricky because it becomes a Mad Max battle and it took me almost killing us several times before I understood how to navigate them. Antz needed a Xanax to calm him down from the crazy motorcycles drivers in the city.


I can’t believe I drove the Champs Elysees! Of course, we had to promise to take Liv to Ladurée but she politely declined to go on the ferris wheel.

The apartment we are exchanging for two months is lovely. I am putting together a post about it soon. It’s a small studio with a toilette I fit in by a mere inch but it’s warm and cozy and the bed is heaven! I love that she lives on a private street so I could park anywhere for free! We have already done so much in a short amount of time here, I can’t wait to share all the photos we have taken.

But of course she sparkled just for us as we drove by!


Je’taime Paris.

19 thoughts on “This is no Dream… This is Really Happening!

  1. Congratulations!!! I totally understand your excitement. A year ago we moved from the U.S. to Spain…our move is a forever move. We live in a hilltop vineyard about 15 minutes from the sea.
    I’m new to following your blog so I need to get caught up but I do look forward to following your new adventure. If your travels take you to the Barcelona area let me know! 🙂

  2. So wonderful!!! I plan to move from Northern California to Rouen in October. I’m excited and nervous. I really appreciate you sharing the details of the process and am so happy for you!

  3. Congrats! I had dreams of moving to Paris, and moved to London first to work, met my husband and stayed. I love, love, love all things French still but after many longer-term visits I struggle with certain aspects of the culture (lack of feminism, brittleness and general rudeness) I’ve resigned it to a place of fun and fantasy and go when I’m in the mood to play a performance. However this is totally my perspective and I’ve learned that if you go anywhere with an open heart you will always be greeted with love. I hope you all find what you’re looking for xx

    • I know what you mean. London has an upbeat, friendly vibe and Paris can be abrupt and gloomy but I have had nothing but lovely encounters even when the bureaucracy drives me insane. I will post about how I got my kid into the school I wanted soon! By the way, we are headed to London for a few days in April, staying in Shoreditch!

  4. Love your blog!!!💙💙
    Awesome family experience to have!! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. This is so incredibly exciting!! I really, really, want to move to the UK and I know it’s totally different than France, but this visa stuff is no joke. Every time I start to get more serious about it, I get so confused. I’m so, so happy for you and bless you for documenting your journey! I’ll be sticking around and catching up.

    • Merci! If we couldn’t live in Paris, I would definitely move to London. It is such a lively, beautiful, fun city. We only wish they had French public schools. I like the food better in London. I haven’t been when it’s cold yet. I hope you can turn your dream into reality. Keep me updated, please!!

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