Halloween Costumes: A Collection

I am still not certain what this year’s costume will be. Antz and Liv are set *and I need to sew Liv’s costume sooner than later* but I would like to be cohesive with theirs. I started thinking of how random my costume choices have been over the years. Let’s start at the beginning. My Mom has always been my costume designer and let’s say her idea of Halloween as always been eclectic. She and I both are firm believers in homemade costumes so being creative is something we both share. My Mom’s brilliance…

I was in 4th grade, attending Catholic school and I thought my costume was a without a doubt winner. A store-bought Strawberry Shortcake won best costume that year.

My Elvira inspired Vampiress
My entire costume was from my Mom’s closet *including her signature arm bands*
I didn’t take home the prize that year *a boy dressed like a girl won* but I worked it!
These were my BFFs *Pippi* Linda and *Goth She-ra?* Dalia

This was our first Halloween together back in 1996!! I borrowed a jumpsuit *quite similar to the one I wore in 5th grade* from my Mommy *my Mom is 5’4″ tall, I am 5′ 10″* needless to say I stretched it out a bit

Antz raided his Dad’s closet and all the suits were way too big.

This was during my Marilyn Manson phase…no freaking clue why Antz chose a South Park tee for his Goth look

LOVE this!! Antz made me an airplane when I worked at JetBlue. I directed a plane while wearing my plane.

Antz stayed up till 3am and went through 2 gold leaf pens to make my Eiffel Tower
This was a lazy year for us, we waited until the very last minute and I had *beauty* school that day so I needed something I could take off easily. What can I say? Myspace was at it’s height of popularity and everyone loved my idea.

This was one of my greatest hits, we went to the West Hollywood Halloween Parade which you have to go to at least once and then you’ll never want to go again, EVER! We’ve been twice, never again!! *unless Olivia wants to go*

Yeah, I wrecked my wedding dress 🙁
Antz did my eyebrows with acrylic paint

And we all remember the infamous Goldfish
I ditched the stripper heels at the last minute

Ugh! Preggers and I thought Rosemary’s Baby would be the most comfortable costume ever…little did I know how hard it would be to find a Pixie blonde wig.

Leslie as a toddler in tiara and Antz gnome were genius!

Boy do I look tired

Antz made these cutouts for Leslie’s party
Last year, my 60’s housewife didn’t turn out as 60’s as I wanted. Most of my friends thought I was was just dressed up.

This rad *it actually buzzed* costume won the $100 prize at Antz job, so clever!

I really need to come up with something awesome. I’m considering making a pair of wings for myself but it’s not exactly cohesive with Antz and Liv.

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