Rainbow Bright

I am taking the rainbow theme to the extreme! The Saguaro is my inspiration. Such a lovely, colorful hotel.

I think this place is giving the W a run for it’s money

Outdoor lounge

I’m hoping for a pink room

Pretty stoked to taste the tequila!!

I wanted to make a banner for Liv and I loved this one made by Liz Stanley at Momtastic. I made my hearts a little bigger but I love how my guy turned out. This was one of my first stress-free craft projects, I didn’t hurt myself or stay up all night cursing, it was really fun to just sew and be creative.

Luckily I had all the right colors in my felt bin
Fits perfectly on our mantle *although Liv keeps trying to pull it down*

My next project is making these rainbow streamers. I picked up really cute wrapping paper from Paper Source today. Aimee just ordered her gift for Olivia…

Kickboard Mini Scooter

SUPER FABULOUS!! I know Liv will love it *I sure want to use it*. I am looking for an equally fantastic helmet but we have to take her in-store to try them on. I just ordered her presents online which I’m going to try to keep secret *so excited about how darling they are*. Back in the day our parents had it so easy, all they had to do was let us watch a half an hour of TV and we would ask for whatever was in the commercials and that’s what we got. Of course I had a Rainbow Brite doll!

Who knew the Poltergiest girl was in this commercial?

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