Snuff it

Obviously I am currently veiwing A Clockwork Orange, one of my top ten films of all time. So I have decided to continue where my Xanga blog has left off. Funny, I don’t remember my last Xanga entry so suffice it to say I am begining anew. I think now is the best time because so many things are happening in my life less ordinary. I have been going to acupuncture on a weekly basis for about six months now, which surprises even me. Not because it’s strange for me to try a holistic approach to medicine, I just can’t believe I have dedicated myself for such a lengthy amount of time. I am at a particularly stable, warm and fuzzy place. We have adopted a lost cocker spaniel. I have already fallen in love with her and christened her with the name Apricot. She is just under two years old and she is very sweet tempered. She isn’t potty-trained and she has fleas but I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for shots and a flea bath. I have lost a bit of weight and I am hoping to drop a dress size by December. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be invited to a certain Holiday party next month. We haven’t made any plans for Thanksgiving but I think we are still reeling from our Halloween party. I am quite cold as of now so I am about to dive into my toasty comforter and snuggle with my faithful Droog!
Viddy Well…

Liz, Antz & Apricot at the Americana

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