Paranoid Andriod

Yesterday was absolute torture. We went for a blood test to check my numbers have doubled. I waited for hours to get the results which turned out to be perfectly fine. I have yet to have one symptom so that’s why I was so nervous. Antz played volleyball last night and I went to watch. A few people asked why I wasn’t playing so I could spill the beans. We are making Expecting cards to give to all our friends and family. I wanted to buy these but they only have 4 available and Antz assured me he can make them for free!

Antz Version
We will work on them over the weekend. I am not sure what paper to use. Antz wants to go to Michaels but I don’t think they will have the cardstock I want. I really want them embossed but we are on a budget *I dispise that word* and most people will most likely throw the cards away
Our first official ultrasound is next Tuesday. I hope we get a pic. Speaking of pics, this is the sweetest pic of Lola ever

We are having dinner with Antz sister, Debra tonight. Friday we are going to Paramount to see Capitalism: A Love Story.

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