This is Halloween

Antz Mom’s birthday was this weekend and she had a get together at her house on Saturday. It was much fun, she made tacos and I ate 6! We framed a photo of her and Antz Dad and she cried when she opened it. We gave her a card that said Happy Birthday Love Antz, Liz and the Baby. She was so surprised, all of Antz family was there and everyone screamed and cried. It was awesome, I’ve never seen everyone so happy. I’m sure this was a long anticipated event as Antz is the youngest of 5 and the only one that hasn’t had children yet. Antz sister got Mommy a sweet flat screen, her old TV was like vintage 1900’s so she’s pretty stoked. Not feeling any symptoms yet but not expecting any morning sickness until the 30th. YAY!

My favorite holiday is approaching. I have no idea what costume to be this year. We have been having ridiculous heat this week so we cooked while we decorated the house. We went to Target to pick up some new items but this year was quite disappointing. We only got a tombstone but last year we got some really awesome stuff. Here’s the front of the house

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