Allergies suck!

They are the worst. I started sneezing like a maniac this past Saturday when we took Antz desk out of Liv’s room. Thanks dust bunnies! It turns out he wasn’t really using it and we only used it to change Liv’s clothes. She’s a big girl now so we don’t need it taking up space and I wanted to put her kitchen set in her room. Here’s the before and after of her room.

After the desk is moved

Here’s the rest of her room.

She is spending much more time playing in her room now, and we cleared out space in the living room so yay!

I’m dying from my allergies. I was up all night sneezing nonstop. This sucks. I want to scratch my eyes out and my nose is on fire from kleenex. I’m taking a nasal decongestant but it’s not helping. I might get some Allegra or Claritin.

 I feel as bad as I look, sneeze, sneeze!

Bedroom Remodel Progress

Well, this is an overdue post. I had great ambition to give our tiny bedroom a dose of Botox, a new padded bra and some ghastly lip injections.

The Mood Board that started it all
Our dark, uninspired bedroom in December 2011

Since I can’t afford a total facelift, I did some strategic Black Friday shopping and picked up this lovely Anthropologie quilt set on sale for under $100 *takes a bow*

Pavo Quilt Set

I would be 100% stoked if I could find one more Pavo Euro Sham. I’ve called every Anthro store in America and they are completely sold out. I found them on eBay but I’m finding it very difficult paying $99 for a set of two *when I only need one* and I paid $17.99 for the euro sham at the store.

I also couldn’t pass up this amazing ottoman. I grabbed it when I saw it was $99 marked down from $198!

Dutch wax ottoman, it’s perfect for putting on shoes

We searched high and low for an affordable bedside table to replace the pathetic Ikea plant stand we’ve been using for the past 5 years. I wanted something with drawers  as Liv is prone to stealing our telly remotes and they go missing for days at a time. I also needed to find a small piece as the doorway is right next to our bed and it had to be under 20 inches. My top contender was found at Urban Outfitters which seemed to be the best fit however there were 2 issues. One the price, $179 wasn’t working with my small budget and from Aimee’s bad luck experience with them shipping furniture, I didn’t want to risk paying $25 for shipping only to receive a damaged piece. Then I had a sheer stroke of luck driving to my acupuncture appointment one Monday morning.

I’m normally not a trash grabber but I couldn’t resist

We had a weekend of heavy rain so I was sure they were water damaged but I still sent Antz a text and gave him the location. He rushed over and picked the best drawer of the bunch and it sat on our porch for 3 weeks. I was quite skeptical of it being refurbished but I need to stop underestimating my dear husband.

A hot tranny mess
Antz painted it with primer and already it looks awesome

Remember I went to Mia’s caramel apple party? When I came home Antz surprised me with my newly painted pink bedside table. He went to home depot and had a piece of wood cut to cover the damaged top and voila!

My new issue of Anthology magazine and a new candle *that smells incredible*
This is one of my fave painting by Antz

So I quit being a nervous Nellie and put the new Anthro bedding on. The table just fits by a hair! Antz took down the prints so I could wash the wall to prep for our new Blik decal. We’ll put it up soon but first Antz had to fill the holes from the nails and we need to paint the spots.

Our bright and cheery bedroom January 2012
Dang it, I need another euro sham!!

He painted the old bamboo frames yellow and we added new frames/photos to the wall over my desk.

The circle frame will soon house a silhouette cameo I’m making of Olivia
I love the new painted frames, they really pop against the green
 So next I still am waiting to buy this iPhone alarm clock dock, a new table lamp and a rug. 
I have waited 3 months for this guy to go on sale, I just may bite the bullet and order it today
Still not sure if this graphic black & white chevron rug will look good with the colorful palette of the room.

The biggest dilemma is choosing the table lamp. I love this guy

Owl Lamp from West Elm

I’m so worried Liv may knock him over. We have this lamp in the living and we have to keep her from it cause she’s always trying to take the shade off. This seems like a great lamp but not so great with a grabby toddler. So I found an alternative here

Hippity Hoppity Lamp from Anthropologie

It’s surprisingly less than Mr Owl and it’s a cute animal *although I admit, it seems juvenile* but I don’t think it will give me enough light to read at night. It seems more like a nightlight.

So, the room is just about finished once we put up the wall decal, I make up my mind on a table lamp and a rug and I buy the iPhone alarm clock. Oh! I need to make Liv’s silhouette too. I think we’ve done pretty well so far. Antz asked me why Anthropologie bedding is so expensive but after the pleasant night’s sleep we both had, he understands. The new pillows are so soft and even though we abandoned our plan to add a slipcover to the headboard, I’m happy with the bed. I’ll just have to wait until we buy our Dream House to get my King.

I also took some photos of Liv’s nursery yesterday since it’s been awhile.

I bought these elephants from World Market last Thursday on my date with Aimee

My recommends; Goodnight iPad & Go the Fuck to Sleep
I adore this kid!

Day of the Dead 2011

This year was a new venue but it was packed. Leslie had a paper flower booth which was quite popular. We bumped into some friends and ate pizza.

Antz finished hanging Liv’s gallery and I love it! All that’s missing is a frame of her silouette. I’m looking for an oval frame for it.

 Her nursery in October


 Her Minnie hat now fits.

Gotta skiddadle, dinner tonight with the Godparents.

Olivia Lily’s nursery revisit

My little girl isn’t so little anymore, she is 21 years weeks old!!. I can’t even recognize her from her birth photos.

*Sorry, this is Back to the Future Liz, I know this is cheating but I needed a post with all her weeklies*
Liv was more interested in reaching for my camera than posing, it was a hilarious shoot this week!!
I have been spending so much time in the nursery, I thought it would be nice to see the difference from 5 months ago. Liv’s nursery was even featured on Lil Sugar and OhDeeDoh. This was Antz old office back in March 2010.
The man cave Before
Why we painted it in that awful red and brown, I’ll never know. Maybe we were watching too much of The Shining!

I love how fresh paint can transform a room!
I think the neutral furniture palette was a wise choice. The furniture won’t be dated in 5 years and the accessories bring the color to the room so if we want to change colors everything will be cohesive.
The handmade mobile of us. Created by Anthony after hearing me moan and groan about ugly mobiles.
 Her tiny closet
After *I was 6 months preggers at this point*. Today it’s packed to the top!
You’ve come a long way, BABY!
I can’t wait until next March so we can work on the kitchen, bathroom and garage.
It is beyond ridiculous how excited I am about this outfit Antz found on Etsy for Olivia to wear to Yo Gabba Gabba live show next month!! OMG!! So flipping cute!!

I am ordering it as soon as I find out if she can make it in Liv’s size because her shop only has size 12 months and up. HAPPY HAPPY!!

The Absent-minded Mommy

I can’t believe I failed to mention some huge developments!! The first and major change is Olivia has been sleeping in her crib since Monday! *well, she attempted* She has almost outgrown her bassinet and I promised that at 12 weeks *which she is today* she would start sleeping in her nersery. We don’t want her to become dependant on sleeping with us. So, we have established a nighttime routine since she is no longer falling asleep on her own. After a feeding and a diaper change, we read her a few books and end with Goodnight Moon in dim light. If she hasn’t fallen asleep by then we sit with her in the glider and hold her until she falls asleep. Then we put her in crib and hang out until she is deep asleep. She usually sleeps until 3am when she wants to eat. Then *hopefully* we put her back in her crib, if she doesn’t fall back asleep we put her in bed with us *guilty for the last 2 nights*. We are going to crack down and keep her in her crib tonight. She is growing up so fast. The first night she slept in her nursery I was a nervous wreck, peeking in through the door and standing over her crib every half and hour. She seems to be just fine in there but it has been unbearably hot so we leave the ceiling fan on and she has been going sans pajamas.
Another development has been now that Liv is growing her bassinet we have to think of a portable system *for visits to Grandma’s house*. I was adamently against Pack n’ Plays. I think they are cheesy *with exception to this one*

Unfortunately, this guy is sold out on  When we went to Apple Valley we checked out Pack n’ Plays at Target but we didn’t like any of them. I strongly detest any baby graphics *ie: Winnie the Pooh, generic ABCs or mainstream characters like Dora or Looney Tunes* so it has been difficult to find a set in a style I like. Well, I think I found one I can live with. When I went to Best Buy Monday to get the modem, I went next door to Babies R Us *a store I never thought I would ever go to* but I was curious so I checked it out. I wasn’t at all impressed *as I expected* with their inventory but this Pack n’ Play caught my eye.

Now I am not crazy about the plaid print but it’s the features that make this work. It has a changing table, adjustable mattress, storage bins for diapers and wipes, wheels to make it portable and a cute Monkeys motif. I think I’ll pick it up this weekend since we are going to Apple Valley on Saturday. I’ll probably sell our bassinet on craigslist in October.
I am hoping Antz can take tomorrow off *or at least leave early* so we can prep for our party and work on our new project. I have been wanting to frame Olivia’s photo shoot pics in a collage style on this empty space in the nursery

I like the placement Young House Love did for their daughter Clara.

We’ll check out the frames at Target and Ikea and I already have a shadowbox for her hospital ID bracelet. I want to decoupe a Thrift Shop frame like this guy

Restoration Hardware has this lovely shadowbox frame but the $79 price is pretty steep and too large for the space.

I would love to put her christening gown, bonnet and candle in it but I know it’s too short to fit. I’m sure Antz will figure out something genuis.

Ridiculously Adorable

I had a busy morning. As I was changing Liv from her PJs  she decided to pee all over the changing table. Ok, no prob, it happens but I put her in her crib so I could wash the linens. Well, Liv said more for me to pee on, Mommy and thats what she did, peed on her crib bedding. So I had to wash those too and give her a bath. Since she was so clean and in a happy mood I put on her Stella McCartney outfit *which I was surprised still fit* and I took her 10 week pics. I struck gold this week. She was so happy and looks so incredibly cute in her outfit. I LOVE this one. Best photo ever!!

I also took some nursery pix. I really want to buy Olivia more books.

Well, it’s lunchtime for us both. Later Skaters!

The most monumental event of my life *Part Deux*

After Olivia’s arrival we were moved into the recovery room which was smaller than the labor suite. The bed was surprisingly comfortable but that’s with the aid of my awesome bedding.


We met so many awesome nurses during our 2 day stay but my favorite was Alma and Kim. Alma was our night nurse and Kim was our day nurse. They were both extremely friendly and helpful but Alma was hilarious, she was Filipino but she told us she lived in Saudi Arabia before she moved to California. She was so encouraging with Olivia *we could tell she was her favorite baby in the ward*. She taught me the awesome trick of breastfeeding while laying down and told us to put a little A&D ointment in Liv’s diaper to prevent diaper rash. Aimee hung out with us for a few hours and brought me my first post labor meal from Boston Market.

Olivia hardly cried and we quickly figured out how to keep her happy. Antz changed Liv’s first diaper with help of Alma and his sister, Reva. I am so disappointed I forgot to take pics with Alma but you can hear her voice on a video we took.I felt pretty good after delivery. I had to get 4 stitches but I hardly felt them. I thought it was look like a horror movie down there but it wasn’t so bad. It took a great amount of effort to get in and out of bed and I went to the bathroom only 5 times in 2 days but I wasn’t in any serious pain. The nurses kept offering me pain killers but I didn’t want to have it in my breastmilk. Feeding…at first, it hurt and I felt awkward but I got into a rhythm with Liv. Antz was amazing at keeping her happy.

The nights at the hospital were difficult. Antz was sleeping on a cot that wasn’t so comfy and there was a light in our room we couldn’t turn off so it made it hard for us to sleep. Plus the nurses came in to check on us often and the hospital was a noisy place.
Poor exhausted Antz
He hadn’t slept for 48 hours
I couldn’t sleep even when I had a chance. I had to watch her sleep, I was feeding every 2 hours and that was hard to get used to. Antz was doing 80% of diaper duty. The nurses were impressed by our record keeping and how organized we were *not surprised, we rule!* This book was really incredible at helping us keep track of her feedings and her diapers.
The first day/night Liv gave us 8 meconium poops which is super. Nicolette came to visit us the next day and brought Olivia lovely yellow daisies and a balloon.










The daisies look so sweet in her nursery. Liv had to get her PKU test and Hep B vaccine before we were discharged.

So while she was in the nursery we went to the hospital cafeteria and I *after 10 long months* devoured some crappy store-bought California rolls 🙂 Thursday morning Dr Teng came by to check on me. She said I did an amazing job and I would see her for a follow up in 6 weeks. Then Dr Wang came by to check Olivia. She is super nice, I am so glad we switched because she is great! Friday we were given the okay to leave so we took Olivia home around 2pm.
Saying goodbye to Nurse Kim
It was my first time ever riding in a wheelchair!
She wasn’t very happy about being the car seat but I let her suck my finger and that made her happy. Liv had her first stop at Jamba Juice because I was craving it.
We came home and the adorable welcome home banner I bought from Etsy was hanging for Liv.
I’ll post about our first week home later. Today is Liv’s first week birthday and we are taking her weekly pic with Totoro.

Hello Summer 2010!!

Today is June 1st and to me, that means one thing…*actually 2* summer has began and I am ONE day from my due date!! My pregnancy is quickly coming to an end and I think I am ready for the next step. I slept through the night but it was horrible. I have been having these catastrophic dreams and I was tossing and turning most of the night. Antz went to work today because there is nothing happening around here. In a while I need to go to Target and stock up and get lunch. I thought I would hang out with Story today, she took the day off but she and Chris went to Lowes. She may come by later for a visit which would be cool. My Mommy came back to LA this morning. So back to my excitement about summer. Albeit we need a vacation asap but with Olivia on her way, not sure how feasible that may be. I would even take a weekend in Palm Springs at this point.

Things I would love to do/see/eat this Summer

1. Take Olivia to at least one summer *outdoor* concert
2. Learn the lyrics to an entire April March song
3. Buy an inflatable pool and play with Liv in it
4. Eat outdoors every Friday
5. Become a regular at the Montrose Farmers Market
6. Buy fresh strawberries *#5* Make a strawberry pie
7. Take Olivia to Keith & Tina’s for her first swimming lesson
8. Take Olivia to my Mom’s house in Apple Valley
9. Sleep in the hammock
10. Make s’mores over our firepit
11. Have a friend’s dog party at our house
12. Take one road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal santuary*
13. Take 1,000 pictures of Olivia
14. Take Olivia to a petting zoo 

I love these, I am so excited!! I bought a welcome home banner from Etsy

I am super excited because I got an email from one of the editor’s at OhDeeDoh and it seems like Olivia’s nursery will be featured tonight. I am so happy. I wanted to be featured on that site since I first found it a year ago!! I am so elated. Olivia is kicking/moving like crazy. Antz thinks she’s trying to kick her way out but I need her to stay put until after our appt. with Dr. Holly Wang tomorrow.
I went to Target and I was pleasantly surprised to find the Boon drying rack there.

I still need to get a bottle cleaner and I should be all finished *for the moment*

Now that I’m on the final days of my pregnancy, let’s have a look back in the past weeks.

The early birds get the yummy breakfast!!

Antz and I have been up since 6:45 am!! We took his car to Honda to get service and have his drivers side door lock fixed. Then we took Max to the vet. We just wanted to spend $100 for his annual shots, blood test and get his perscription refilled. Turned out to be $202! They gave us a quote to have his ears cleaned for $180 and if he were to have surgery, it would cost $800-$900 per ear. The good news is we are getting him groomed and a summer cut so he’ll look alot better once Olivia is here.

Our day has only begun, we need to put the car seat in my car, we need to pack Antz hospital bag, pick up Max, pick up his car, go to the mall and get Liv’s bibs embroidered and shop for clothes for Antz. We need to find a cover for Olivia’s bassinet so Lola can’t get in, something like this

We are going to try out the Fabler canopy and see how she does with that but I know she’ll claw the material because she does the same with our curtains.

Lola is just a brat right now, every morning she gets up before 7am and yells at us, bites at our feet and knocks things off my desk until one of us gets up to feed her. She also is shedding hair everywhere so I need to find a way to keep her hair out of bassinet.

Whew is an understatement!! We just finished 80% of our errands and it’s 6pm. Remember, our day began at 6am so we have been going nonstop for 12 hours. Mind you, I have spend about 4 of those hours sitting while I wait for Antz to run to the car, run to pick up the embroidery for Liv, run to get me a Wetzel Pretzel slushie *I had 2*. We walked all over that mall like we were on a scavenger hunt. We found an embroidery cart and left her bonnet, bib and a yellow onesie to get done. Her bonnet is my favorite *loves*

This onesie did not come out as we liked, I mean come on, Liu? Oh well!

Then we had lunch. After lunch, we went shopping for Antz. I somehow ended up getting a white dress from Old Navy but it was a practical purchase because my white skirt got ruined at the maternity photo shoot *mysterious unremovable black stains*. I wanted to get some red Toms but I didn’t get them this time. Antz got some shirts from the Gap and some navy blue Converse. I need to find a short sleeve buttoned shirt for him. Gap online sucks ass right now, I can’t find any short sleeve white shirts and all week I have been getting 20% coupons and today there is nothing, everything is regular price but they sold out of his size in the store and they are having a buy one get one free promotion! So after the mall we dragged ourselves to Target. I scored a 30% off Liberty of London king size bedding set. I am going to use it at the hopsital.