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Playing Photographer

I finally stopped procrastinating as I was fast approaching the deadline to my 15th week. Here are my top 3

The backdrop was from our Holiday Card photo shoot. The concept was to blow glitter confetti at each other but it turned out to be a logicistical nightmare. We then tried to throw the confetti but between the timer and Antz being an overzealous confetti thrower, it didn’t quite come out as I planned. These are the best of the bunch, note how I tend to open my mouth, I couldn’t stop laughing at Antz throws.

This is our winner, I love the confetti in the one with his eyes closed. This one is almost perfect except Antz threw the confetti too high so you can hardly see them but I love our faces. We used the Nikon and literally after 100 takes, Antz wasn’t so keen on sweeping star confetti anymore. He is going to photoshop more in *married to a genuis*.

So I’m loving the new camera but still have many features to learn. Here is one of the pre-confetti shots, I felt too elfish in that hat and the grey wasn’t popping against the background. This is my Mr. Ed impression.

I will post the final card when Antz has them printed this Thursday. Later Skaters!

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