Last Christmas I gave you my heart

Ahh, Wham! the good ole’ days. So yesterday was quite eventful. My Mommy came into town and I took her to her other house to drop off her car and we went to Little Tokyo. She wants me to take pictures of her playing her drums for an upcoming music convention. She went kicking and screaming because she had never been there and I assured her that she would love it. So we looked around and she did like it  but the first shop was overpriced. I find it totally hilarious that while shopping for clothes in Little Tokyo my Mom ended up at American Apparel. She loved it in there, she bought really cute harem pants and a hoodie and a tie-dye scarf. Tres Chic! So today is photo shoot day. Her drums do look incredible so now all I have to do is her hair & make-up. After an exhausting shopping spree, well my Mom actually bought me a circle scarf so score, we rushed home to meet Antz so we can leave for Newport Beach to see the Holiday Boat Show. What a nightmare, we left at 5pm and didn’t arrive until after 7pm. I could tell Antz was quite frustrated as we couldn’t find any parking so we missed a lot of the boats but eventually we just parked in a red zone and hoped noone would notice. We saw about a half an hour of the boat parade. To add to our frustrations, I charged the Nikon battery that morning and forgot to put the battery back in the camera. Luckily we have a back up battery but it was brand new so it only had about 10 minutes of charge. We walked around Balboa Island for awhile, my Mom had a frozen banana, of course and Antz and I got corn dogs and fries. We got home at 11pm. We were all tired but I had a good time. My Mom tried to use the new Bebe sounds headsets to listen to bebe’s heartbeat unsuccessfully. Hopefully in the next weeks we’ll hear better but right now my tummy sounds like a barren cave.

Here are some pics from the Boat Parade

Anthropologie is making me crazy by putting stuff on sale when I have to save for nursery furniture. Here are some goodies

We’ve all seen it but of course I want it so bad, the infamous Blueprint magazine Pink tree

I also love this wreath

Sigh, maybe next year, just have to convince my husband we are having a pink Christmas.
I’ll post Mom pics later. We’re seeing 2012 tonight! Also, I finally think I have conquered my Nikon. I somehow captured Lola in a rare posing moment. I think it’s pretty badass.

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