It’s already Friday!!

Yesterday was a long day! Antz came home around 6 and we went to Leslie’s. I thought it would just be us and her chef friend but 2 other of her friends came to help. Thank goodness they did because we worked until 11pm! The decorations I bought didn’t work *too big* but we used the flowers. We made 30 cookies so I hope no more than 30 show up tomorrow.

They turned out so rad!! Like legit professional

I am super stoked about the cuteness of these cookies!! Today is not so busy but I desperately need a nap and wash my hair. I’m going to Target and Fresh & Easy when Antz gets home at 2pm.

Pick up Liv’s perscription and baby tylenol *found it at the pharmacy in the building of her pediatrician*
Go to Target *have to go again to today and pick up flowers*
Get gas in my car/car wash
Pick up cookie decorations and ribbon
Pick up Livs Birth certificate from Pasadena City Hall *paid for it, it’s coming in the mail*
Color my Mom’s hair
Wash and curl my hair *so lazy to do this!*
Clean the house
Print maps from the church to our house *Antz finished last night*

Finish decorating cookie favors
Take a photo of Liv in her christening gown *when Antz gets home tonight*

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