Film Locations Tour

I am surprised we made it to 8 locations in 4 hours. I was the only one excited to see the houses but Antz had fun playing photographer while my Mom and her pug, Ching, slept most of the drive. Our first stop, Long Beach

Donnie Darko House

This is the house the Darko family live in, an airplane engine falls into Donnie’s bedroom and kills him, eventually. Across the street is the massively beautiful Tudor that is Patrick Swayze’s character, Jim Cunningham’s residence which Donnie burns down and child pornography is found. Great movie!


I was mega excited to see this house. It feels so iconic. I’ve seen this movie at least one hundred times. I was happy to see it in it’s orginal condition but it did look a bit shabby compared to being on the same street as the other two enormous houses. Super bummed that cars were parked in the circular driveway. There’s a pic from 1986 so you can see how well preserved it looks. Cameron’s house is in Illinois and was recently on the market for $1.65 million, Ferrari not included.

All decked out for Christmas. This house is located in Pasadena on the most beautiful tree-lined street.

Yours, Mine & Ours House (1968)

The 1893 Victorian from a movie in the late 60’s starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. They are both widows whom get married and have a total of 18 children plus a new baby on the way. The original Duggar’s. The house is amazing in person.

We also saw the house from the TV show Mama’s Family and the first McDonald’s in California. What an interesting day, we are now off to a party in Bel Air with my Mom.

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