Weekend o’ Birthdays

Last weekend was my Mommy’s and my BFF, Aimee’s birthdays. We decided at the last minute to go to my Mom’s house in Apple Valley. It was fun, we picked up *the yummest* steak and shrimp from Applebees and I got my yummy blue coconut slush from Sonic. We got in the spa with Liv and she slept while floating in her starfish. We came back to LA on Sunday to drop off Aimee’s painting. We dressed Liv in her in the onesie Aimee bought her that says Mommy is Queen. I didn’t think it would fit because it’s 3-6 months but it looked great on her.

I LOVE how punk rock she looks!!

We luckily found parking on her street *despite crazy Venice Beach crowds* so we hung out at her house for a while. Believe it or not, she didn’t like the painting!!

Oh well, she wants this version of the Virgin Mary so Antz will paint it for her.

I am so excited because I found the scarves I was looking for from Target.

I also got one in white and I didn’t have to plunk down the $98 Nordstrom price tag. I am still searching for the perfect cardigan. While at Target I picked up these adorable books.

These make me want to bake like a madwoman. I have so many cupcake designs I want to experiment with but I definitely need to get new muffin tins and Goddess Martha baking tools. Speaking of Mad, I need to watch the new episode of Mad Men *yay*

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