Resolutions, Smechalutions!

I keep thinking about all the genuine promises I would like to keep throughout the new year. The past year had many obstacles and bad luck so I have the best intentions to have a better year. I am at the peak of my life, in the most awesome marriage ever, going on my 4th year living in this house, estatic to be expecting our first child and I’m at a mature time in my life. However, I have many things to work on a daily basis. I definitely want to actually learn French which is something I have talked about for the last 10 years. I have books, podcasts and computer programs that I haven’t given serious time to learn. I really love the idea of raising a bilingual child but I have to be able to speak the languages too. I also want to dedicate myself to improving our house before the baby is born. We have a leaky garage roof that must be repaired for the baby’s safety and since we are planning to have the bebe shower in our backyard we have many projects to finish before we even start the nursery. Our yard has been neglected, we need to paint the deck and fencing. I also want to be a better friend. I really have a reputation of being bossy and high maintenance, I would like to change that. I come off as snobby to my friends and I want to change that false perception. I catch myself waiting for others to finish speaking so I can talk about myself and that is a habit I need to work on. I also would like to stay in contact with my friends and family more often. I tend to get out of returning calls or letting my phone go to voicemail. I think I can accomplish change in my life because I’m motivated by this beautiful boy or girl in my belly. I prayed so hard for God to give us a child and I feel like I owe it to them to be a better person. I know I’m an extremely awesome person but I can be more patient, listen more, try not to judge others and prioritize us over the instant fun. I love to socialize but there is too many times I see my friends or other bloggers homes and see how much time and energy they put into making their houses rad and I complain that our house doesn’t compare. I need to stop the comparing and whining and make our house bebe friendly and a place I feel happiest.

Things to Do *for the house*
1. Repair Garage roof
2. Paint Garage Deck
3. Have air/heat system serviced
4. DIY fireplace project
5. Make space for bebe things *give to Goodwill*
6. Remove popcorn from office ceiling
7. Plant grass/flowers and prune garden
8. Buy new stove/exhaust fan

Things to Do *for my well-being*
1. Call family and friends more often *just to check in*
2. Not have silly arguments with my Mom
3. Try to listen more to others rather than mentally judge
4. Make less negative statements *my hubby doesn’t like when I do that*
5. Create a weekly schedule of things to do *no procrastinating*
6. Learn French
7. Take Max to the dog park/walks more often
8. Appreciate every day and don’t get caught up in planning

I am sure if I take each goal step-by-step I will be able to accomplish them fairly easily. I am very capable of change and I like a challenge. I don’t want to make resolutions because I feel like those are made to be broken. These are my promises to our baby and myself.

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