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Los Angeles is actually having Winter!

This morning there was an actual storm happening. Lightening and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. I watched our backyard squirrel seek shelter and then dig up some nuts and eat while using his tail as an umbrella. It was very entertaining, like being in a National Geographic documentary. I am trying to enjoy this rainy Tuesday *despite the Earth shattering thunder* and attempting my first maternity mood board.

I know it needs a bit more pizazz but I don’t have any pics of my jewelry and accessories. I tried to keep the clothes as basic as possible. As you can see, I do have a little bit of a “Bohemian” side to me. I probably won’t pair the Sienna fringed moccasins with the cap sleeve dress but I wanted to include them in this board because they are so rad!

*Random photo of the day*
How incredibly cute is this pic of my husband and his older sister??!!

Tomorrow is the big day! My Mom is coming over tonight to accompany us to the appt. I’ve never been so nervous and anxious in my life!

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