Today is a holiday?

This is what happens when you haven’t been employed since 2006. Being your own boss means you don’t get holidays off or sick days 🙁 . I had no clue Antz was off today or maybe my preggo brain is just working overtime. We are going to have breakfast with my good friends Leslie & Stephen at a great place called Dish. They have really excellent breakfast and the decor is totally French Country chic. I’ll try to get some picturas. So, the ulterior motive to inviting Les & Steph to breakfast is to officially ask them to be our kid’s Godparents. Antz is all nevous thinking they’ll turn us down but they are *our few* good Catholics and they have no children, they are totally dependable and they are awesome. I would love for our kid to hang out with them as they are chairman & woman of a non-profit art gallery and studio. They are always involved in a show or celebrating religious holidays *Day of the Dead* so our kid will be exposed to very cool, cultrual things. We are going to ask my bff Aimee to be Godmother too. I am going to acupuncture today. I need to hop in the shower. I’ll let you know how it turns out and give you my update of the Golden Globies, I only picked 11 catagories, boo! District 9 was ROBBED!
So breakfast with Les & Steph got a raincheck. We will most likely have lunch with them soon. Today it is pouring in LA, that may not sound like breaking news but living here any rain feels like Hurricane Katrina, especially when you have a leaky garage. The top of our garage is flat so water accumulates on top like a mini lake.

It does give me the great pleasure to wear my rad Hello Kitty rainboots.

I went to acupuncture which was amazing, the bad news is Gilli told me she is no longer being a doula this year, so she has to refer me to someone else for my birth 🙁 Bummed to the extreme. I love Gilli! I’ve been seeing her for almost 2 years and she assured me she would be my birth doula. I must convince her to do it somehow. The good news, besides the rain clearing up and Antz having the day off, I got my Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag!!!

Can I tell you how much I love this bag?? I got so lucky, this color has been sold out for months. I love getting packages delievered, it feels like Christmas. By the way, how cute is this from Fudge Design?

So, last night was the Golden Globes, hosted by Ricky Gervais my fave comedian ever. I cannot believe Sanda Bullock won for the Blind Side *lame* over the chick from Precious. Monique totally won her category, goody for her. Oh well, I am also surprised Glee beat out 30 Rock. I knew Drew Barrymore would win for best Mini-Series and of course Christoph Waltz won. It was a great show, although for some weird reason Julia Roberts decided to get drunk and go bonkers. The best part was Ricky Gervais, I love that guy!

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