Two passengers set sail that day for a 2 hour tour…of the hospital!

Today was super fun! We went on our maternity ward tour at the hospital. We saw the L&D rooms *that’s Labor and Delivery to you laymen* which look straight out of a 1970’s Country Living magazine. Then we saw the sad little room we spend the following 2 days recovering in. It has a tiny cot for daddy and a private bath with a huge shower however the mattress is about 2 inches thick and the florescent lighting will make me look sickly in photos 🙁  Despite the shabby room conditions I am still stoked to be at this hospital. They have an awesome birthing policy that allows baby bonding immediately after birth. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to breastfeed right away. The nurses seem really nice and helpful and I will even get to have sushi brought in after delivery *cannot wait*. The best part about the tour was the nursery and seeing the newborns!! It made us think of how incredible it will feel to see our little Olivia in person. It also gave me a new list of things to do; complete paperwork, find a pediatrician and fit the car seat in our cars. It was a big turnout being that this is superbowl weekend *not that I care* close to 75 people, some who were due at the end of this month! I’m a bit concerned because our hospital only have 32 maternity suites and 6 are shared rooms. If they are at capacity and you get a shared room your spouse is not allowed to spend that night. How horrible! They also may not allow us to film the birth, mega bummer. I am registered for a flip camcorder so maybe we can film indiscreetly.


While at the hospital we took advantage of the lovely lobby and took this week’s photo.

Next month we are taking the birthing classes. At first I was gung ho about taking expensive birthing classes at swank boutiques but our hospital is offering the same classes for a fraction of the time and cost. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much and I like getting familiar with my hospital. After the tour we went to Antz Mom’s house. She was able to feel Olivia kick which was really funny. We actually caught the end of the superbowl and to my surprise it was quite interesting. Our good friend Keith and his wife have a vacation house in New Orleans and they were there celebrating the Saints victory. Needless to say they were reporting bedlam on Bourbon Street. Eventually we’ll make it out to New Orleans for a visit but I’m not so fond of drunk people. I do love New Orleans architecture, music and the food sounds yummy. Yet another trip to covet! I seriously cannot wait for this month to be over. At the end of February we are having our tax appt and Antz is getting his annual bonus so I can start purchasing nursery furniture.

This morning Antz starting clearing out his office so we can prepare for popcorn removal and painting at the end of the month.

<——- evil popcorn!!

I’m luckily off-the-hook for any manual labor but I am concerned about the condition of our ceiling. Our house foundation is weak and we have several cracks in the ceiling. We may have to have a professional take a look at the ceiling before we *meaning Antz* attempts to remove it. I also need an electrician to repair the light in the closet. While I’m at it, we may as well rent a buffer and give the hardwood floors a good cleaning. The space looks so smaller with the furniture moved around, Antz stores his art supplies and tools in there and they are soon to be homeless unless we move them to our leaky garage or build a storage shed in the backyard. I am shocked at how many things we accumulate in this small house. Next weekend is St. Valentine’s day and Antz is participating in an art show on Saturday. His piece is really amazing and he’s priced it at a bargain of $350. Part of me wants him to sell it *for baby savings* but it’s such an extraordinary painting I would love to keep it. Tomorrow I am seeing my acupuncturist, it so bittersweet for me because I have been seeing her for years when we were trying to get pregnant and now she is retiring from being a doula and I need to convince her to be mine. She refered me to other doulas but noone can replace Gilli. I’ll keep pestering her, she has to help me with my labor!!

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