Bebe, bebe, bebe shower

It somehow just dawned on me that I completely forgot about shower game prizes. I am thinking of something that’s not bebe related and not super lame like a candle. The only thing I could think of feels unimaginative but $5 gift cards from Starbucks and In & Out may seem nice. Today is such a lazy day, it’s been raining all week and the sun came out for a few hours but there are dark clouds looming so I’m sure it will rain tonight. Just missed taking a picture of an awesome rainbow.

All this rain is giving me the blues and I am dreaming of heading south for the winter to the Bahamas. Lilsugar just did a feature on the Atlantis Paradise Island resort and I want to go soo bad!













This Mayan Temple water slide may look familiar as it was featured on the Amazing Race where a contestant tried to force his girlfriend to go on the slide dispite her extreme fear of water. Oh well, they ended up eliminated, just wonder if they are still dating. It was rated very high for family vacays. There is a huge water park and kids club that offers cooking lessons. I’m sure Olivia will love that. Hopefully we can go in 2014 but who knows. I am cringing because March is fast approaching and I have yet to make reservations for our Montreal bebemoon 🙁  With all this rain I may have to forfeit our bebemoon in favor of getting our garage repaired. I am oddly excited to see the Winter Olympics next week *nerd!* Johnny Weir *even though he wears fur* and the girl’s figure skating are my faves.










I am DVR-ing them but my DVR is almost full so I’ll have to delete some movies I love like *The Long, Long Trailer starring Lucy & Ricky* Did I mention the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was quite amazing! Visually stunning, well cast although I wasn’t so fond of Jude Law and Collin Farrell’s performances. The director, Terry Gilliam is a genius, I had to wikipedia him and I knew he was afflilated with the Monty Python bunch but I didn’t know he renounced his American citizenship. Interesting, I have always dreamed of becoming an expatriate in either London, France or Sweden. Don’t stop believin’!

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