I want it Now · pregnancy

Portrait of a Lady

I am debating on my pregnancy / newborn portrait options. I orginally wanted to use Ortiz Harpaz, a Pasadena photographer whose work I truly adore.











She is just a tad too expensive at the present time. Her rates are $425 for pregnancy session and $825 for birth/newborn but it doesn’t include prints ūüė¶

I calculated close to $2000 for prints and that is not realistic for our budget. I would hate to miss black and white professional shots of Olivia’s birth. I also want someone to film the labor but besides Antz, noone else can be trusted with the camcorder. I can’t get those moments back. Some of the photographers I’ve found in a more reasonable price range are too serious and not candid enough. I dislike the posey wrapped up like Anne Geddes style. And while I’m on the topic of photos, I¬†found a delivery gown in my size for $30 less than the dear johnnie’s one. I just worry that I may need¬†a much bigger size in 3 months. I’ll¬†most likely be as big a house.











Still have to pay a security deposit to confirm the photo booth and call Pico Party Rents and try to talk them down by $2 per chiavari chair. Endless things to do!

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