What word surpasses happiness?

Being that I currently suffer from pregnant lady brain I cannot think of a better word than happy but we are beyond happy. Home depot guys just installed our new stove AND they were able to install the microwave/range hood!

We just saved $100 bucks! We tipped them $50 but it’s well worth it than having to wait until Tuesday to have it installed. Now we see we must paint and refinish our floors. How did we live with that disgusting stove and hood range for the last 4 years??? It was super easy, they brought it up the stairs no problem and hooked it up in like 10 minutes. The guy kept telling Anthony, you can install the microwave yourself but there was wires hanging and we are clueless when it comes to installing electronics (we hired a guy to install his office fan). Antz had to drill a hole in the upper cabinet to run the cord through and we have to buy a 3 prong adapter for the stove but it’s looks perfect! I was bummed he couldn’t fix our closet light but oh well, now I have to go to Home Depot to get my $100 refund *dances*. This morning I woke up bright and early to a rainy day but that didn’t damper my spirits as we went to buy the nursery paint. I must have cashed in my Kharma points because I was all prepared to spend $52 per gallon on Benjamin Moore paint but we saw this!

Martha Stewart Living Low VOC/No odor paint!! They just got her line in stores 2 days ago. They were $26.97 per gallon, WOWSERS! Needless to say I am so stoked and no even bummed that we lost today because of the rain. We chose a light beige called Reed for the walls and a chalky white called Tailor’s suit for the ceiling. We also got primer and semi-gloss for trim and the door. So with a budget of $200 we spent $146! Gnarly! I have alot to do today so I’ll post again tonight but before I go, here is the updated magazine storage nook.

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