Nursery Update

I am still waiting *impatiently* for the tax refund to deposit into our bank account. I am almost glad I haven’t started to purchase the big ticket items because I found a better website for the furniture. I was planning to buy at modern nursery because they don’t charge taxes or shipping but I found a site that offers a $175 gift card with any purchase over $499. So if I buy my Oeuf furniture from this site


I can buy a Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless Crib Mattress and get $175 off. Read the reviews and it sounds like a great mattress.

Sounds pretty sweet to me! That makes room for this awesome find I stumbled across this morning.

I must have this hutch, the lack shelves aren’t going to provide the storage I need and this hutch looks better in the room. I somehow calculated the cost in the budget and it works out. There are a few other items I’m adding to the list.

This site is in Japan, they only accept Yen as payment, it comes out to $78 for the gift set. I am bummed that my Totoro musicbox is sold out.

I’ll give Little Tokyo a look to see if they may carry the musicbox but it’s a pretty rare item. So the room will hopefully look like this in a month. That is if we ever decide to paint 🙂

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