Spring lines are disappointing

I keep asking myself, why doesn’t Anthropologie or J. Crew carry maternity lines. I am so disappointed with Gap Maternity’s spring lines. There are no bright colors or flowing maxi dresses at all. A majority of the dresses are shirt or wrap dresses and the prints are quite matronly. I was hoping to find a maxi dress in a yellow or aqua color like this one

I love the flowy-ness of this dress and the color but at $395 and not my size, it’s not gonna happen. I did find this guy for a mere $20 from Old Navy. The fabric and color make it look cheap to me but maybe I can accessorize the hell out of it.

It comes in a blue shade and I could buy these hair clips from Bando in yellow.

Another $20 Old Navy dress but not so sure on the fit as it’s not maternity dress.

I would most likely wear my gladiator sandals but I am not sure how comfortable they would be in 2 months.

I wonder if blue with yellow accessories would match too much with the shower decor. I suppose by April Gap will have their summer line out and I’ll find a preggo maxi dress that I love.

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