Sadders, my childhood idol has died. Doc Appt update

This morning was my glucose test for gestational diabetes. I had to drink this sugar concoction and it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. It tasted like fruit juice that someone poured an entire bag of sugar into.

Drinking it felt like I was getting diabetes from all the sugar!

So I totally chugged it and survived. I am modeling my new nursing bra, comfy but so unsexy! We rushed off to be at the doc within 45 minutes for the blood test. To my surprise Dr. Teng told me there are no more ultrasounds until she is born. Boo, I totally wanted to see her 🙁 The nurse checked her heartbeat and that was lovely. My cervix is 29 inches and I gained 2 pounds in a month.

How unflattering do I look? I should get the test results in a few hours *fingers crossed*. I got my next appts scheduled and I’ll be going in more often in May. I am realizing how fast the birth is coming. I need to get back into nursery mode so Antz is taking a few days off next week so we can get painting.

So this morning Aimee texted me that Corey Haim died! How sad. Everyone knew he had a drug problem but he was only 38. I worshiped him in the late 80’s. I would go to Ed Debevic’s *his fave restaurant which is now closed* and hang out there all day with my old best friend, Kaleilah, and wait to see him there *we never did*. This was my bedroom in 1989.

My Mother would say, what do you see in that skinny, girlie boy? I thought he was gorgeous. I memorized all the words to The Lost Boys and I watched License to Drive so many times I wore out the VHS tape. He was a good actor. I watched his reality show The Two Corey’s last year and I could see how downhill he had gone in his life. He needed a serious hug because he was a wreck. It’s sad when your doing worse than Corey Feldman. So sad!

On a brighter note, I am soo super happy I have my ring back. I want to get my wedding band cleaned because my other ring looks so much brighter and sparkly-er now. I have never appreciated my ring more than when I didn’t have it.

Sorry this photo is a blurry mess

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