Spring Clean

I’ve gotten the Spring Clean bug and I am in serious nesting mode. This morning I woke up bright and early and got a call from my doc. She told me I was diabetes free and all is gravy. Sweet! I spent a half an hour in the backyard just enjoying how gorgeous and how amazing all the new spring flowers smell. The jasmine is my favorite.

I have been on a clean streak *although looking at my house you couldn’t tell*. We still have so much furniture and misplaced items in the living room. Antz tools and artwork need to go in the garage but they can’t go in there until we get it repaired. Story invited me to lunch today so we went to Sedthee again. It was fun because my buddies all went. *Antz, me, Dave, Story, Yukio, Natalie, Vinny & Tom*

We had a great lunch, I missed Jes but she was on puppy duty. It sucks whenever I see my friends because it makes me feel guilty I’m only inviting half of them to the bebe shower. It’s just impossible to invite everyone. Since I was out and not looking to gross, I took week 27 at Sedthee again, this time with the Buddha as I wanted her in the week 24 pic.

Antz aimed me that Leslie wanted to have the link of the christening gown for Olivia and she’s buying it for her. How amazing is she? I love her so much, she is so considerate, both my Godmothers. We are taking them out for brunch this Sunday to discuss bebe shower and christening plans. We are going to Dish, we’ve been there once before with Story & Chris and the food is excellent. Here are the christening gown options. I wish I could see them in person but they are online only at Nordstrom.

I think I like the second one more because I am obssessed with Peter Pan collars and I love the exaggerated length. Oh well, I am leaving it up to Leslie. So after our lunch I went to Target to return the pots. I caved in and bought a new mop since I couldn’t find a new mop head for our old one. I also picked up a window washer. I wanted to buy this guy but I don’t feel like ordering it online when this Michael Graves one has a longer pole for the taller windows.

So now I am armed with the right weaponry to get busy this weekend. I just wonder if I should hold off on washing the windows until the rainy season is over. Knowing me, the second I wash our windows, it will rain like it never has before. This weekend will be pretty busy, besides cleaning the house, I need to get my car washed *it looks grey and it’s white*, Antz friend from work is having a party Saturday night. She just had a baby girl and her husband will be doing silkscreening *reminds me, I need to buy a tank for that* and Antz Aunt and cousin are coming into town so he has to pick them up from the bus station *I am baffled how people still take the bus*. Then tomorrow is brunch with Stephen & Leslie and maybe a matinee with Story & Chris to see Alice in Wonderland. My Mom has been thinking about moving to Palm Springs. She’s getting tired of the Apple Valley weather, extreme cold and extreme heat, and she wants a lower maintenance property. So the next few weekends after my birthday we may be going to Palm Springs to look at real estate. Sounds amazing to me, I grew up in Palm Springs and I love it out there. They have awesome sushi restaurants and she’ll finally have a pool *maybe even a tennis court*. Tonight Antz and I are going to Little Tokyo to look for Totoro plushies *is that the plural for plush?* Hopefully I’ll find something similar to this guy.

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