Weekend Party Antics

Saturday started off relatively chill, Antz and I were fully intending to venture out for nursery shopping and I wanted to use my 15% discount coupon from Anthropologie but that didn’t seem to happen. We mucked about the house, using our laptops and wandering about in the backyard. By the time we even got dressed it was 7pm and we got ready to go to Antz friend from work’s party. I know Mia from facebook but we never met in person. She just had a baby 4 months ago and her husband also works with Antz as a *FRENCH* translator! Antz kept trying to get me to speak French with Adam but I sounded like a total idiot. They live in a huge house *6 bedrooms and 2 fireplaces* in Altadena. When we arrived we hardly knew anyone but Antz knew a guy who was setting up to do silkscreen prints for everyone. It was pretty rad watching this guy, Carlos, show us how to make our own silkscreen. Mia and Adam are super nice and funny, we hung out with them all night by the fireplace. Our friends Tom & Jes were there and we laughed all night long *while they all drank like crazy*. I love Mia’s home decor style, she had her nursery featured on Lil Sugar.com Mia’s Nursery. Her baby Kaia is ADORABLE! She let me hold her for a little and with all the noise and people there she was so chill. Antz was grinning from ear to ear because I got to hold her.

*Baby Kaia and her Papa Adam*

*We played with their doggies, can’t remember their names*

*Jess, Liz and Antz*
I met a bunch of cool people and I can’t wait to have playdates with Kaia and Olivia in the future. Today we took Stephen and Leslie to breakfast at Dish. Leslie liked the same dress I did so she said she’ll order it for us.

We talked a little about the baby shower and made sure they had all the important dates, I’m just mega bummed that they will be going out of town the week I give birth. May 30th is their anniversary so I understand, I guess 🙁

*I look fatty*
After breakfast Antz and I got our cars washed *finally* and then we scampered over to Pasadena with no specific agenda. Happened to drive past Bellini on Mission Street so we went in *I have been wanting to go to this store for a year now* I was fairly impressed with the furniture. There was baby portraits all over the store so I picked up about 5 flyers from photographers but Mia told me she knows someone who did her baby portraits for less than $500 so hopefully I can use her. We went to Anthropologie and bought a yummy smelling candle for Olivia’s room. Since today was the first daylight savings it was lovely outside, we decided to go to the Arcadia mall. We ate at the food court and thought let’s see Alice in Wonderland but sadly it was sold out. We walked around a bit and went to Old Navy, Antz convinced me to try on the dress I found for the baby shower. It looked so nice I decided to buy it and I got a new hoodie too.

I hope I don’t find something I love more by May but this dress is the perfect size, there’s plenty of room for the next two months of growing tummy and I bought these silk flowers in yellow from Ban.do to contrast nicely.

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