I feel the Earth move under my feet

Last night I feel asleep in an unsual position so Antz had no choice but to sleep the same way, around 3:30ish *the time I usually wake up for a pee* I wanted to lay correctly in the bed so I woke him up. We both couldn’t get back to sleep so we were semi awake when a 4.5 earthquake happened at 4am. It was totally tiny but we both popped out of bed and stood under the doorway. Lola even jumped out of bed and got under my desk chair. Max loudly snored on and didn’t even stir. It’s been awhile since an earthquake has hit LA and ironically our earthquake kit has been sitting in the hallway for weeks now because 1. I need to add/update items in it and 2. we took it out of Antz closet to make room for Olivia and it currently has no home. I could put it in the garage but *God forbid* a diaster strike, is that the most logical place to keep it? I have never had such an exciting day than yesterday. There has been a long-going soap opera style drama going on with me and our mortgage company. I have been trying to get our loan modified since April of 2008, only to be denied time and time again. Well yesterday when I went to pay the mortgage online I couldn’t find an option to make a payment. I gave them a call and it turns out there is no option because our modification was APPROVED! I have been let down so many times I couldn’t believe it. They not only impounded our property tax and homeowner’s insurance but we got our interest lowered by 3 points!! We now pay about $500 less and we won’t have to worry about paying the property taxes twice a year. Such freaking amazing news. Our UPS guy delievered the documents we need to sign this morning and I told him we are expecting and I’ll be ordering up a storm. He is super nice but I feel terrible he’ll have to schelp all those heavy boxes up the hill in the heat. Due to the modification we get the next 2 months off with no payment so I can actually put money in Olivia’s savings account and do things that badly need working on in the house. I desperately need a printer stand/cart to hold my office supplies. Now that I got a new binder for my finances, it doesn’t fit in the sad little cart I have.

I found this guy at Target for $79.99 but it only comes in white or black, I am thinking of getting white and painting it and getting some cute knobs from Anthropologie. It would hold everything but I would have to find another place for my chair. It’s getting crowded in this little house. Leslie gave me a coupon to get our air conditioner serviced, so they are coming on Thursday. I hope they can clean out the vents before we start painting. I scheduled my car maintenance and I called the handyman who worked on Story’s house to fix the broken lights, we may even get him to install the side yard floodlights. I also want to get a new fireplace screen, candelabra and work on a diy mantel project like this one, our mantel now is yawn worthy.

I am so overwhelmed with Good Things! Even more good news, because I signed up for a Baby Gap event in Glendale last week, on Thursday I get 30% off everything in store. Finally I can start stocking up on essentials.

These are on my list, pretty basic and I love the whites in the summer. Now that we get a discount I have more room in the budget for Antz to pick out his favorites. This will be a busy week. Antz is taking off Thursday and Friday to work on the nursery. My birthday is this Saturday and Antz is taking me to Morton’s steakhouse in Downtown LA. I haven’t been able to finish a meal in months so I might fast the day before so I can enjoy the delicious steak and scallops. After dinner we are going to meet my friends at the rooftop bar at the Standard. We went there last year on a random night and it was seriously fun.

They have these bedpods you can lay in and there was a movie being projected on a building across the street. I know we’ll have a blast even though I can’t drink. I have so many things on my to-do list that this month will fly by and before I know it, it will be May! The second our tax refund is in our bank account *hopefully by Friday* I am ordering the crib, dresser, hutch, glider, bassinet and bedding. That should take about 2 weeks to be delievered. Speaking of bedding, I found this crib set at Twerps for $50. Now I know the price is right, but it only includes a bumper and a quilt. I would have to find a sheet and the colors don’t necessarily go with the room decor. It’s pretty neutral, beige with red flowers and I like the style but I’m not yet completely sold. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the bedding 🙁
So I need to clean the house today and sew a hole in my leggings. I may take a nap since I didn’t get much sleep last night. I received my silk flowers from Ban.do today *only took 1 day* so now all I need is some cute yet comfy sandals. I love the contrast from royal blue and the bright yellow.

How adorable will these look in my hair? I am thinking of curling my hair like crazy but when I wear my hair down it makes my face sweaty betty. Looking at Nordstrom and Anthropologie for sandals but as cute as they may be, they aren’t the most comfy especially when I’m 9 months along.

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