Saint Patrick’s Day!

Today is green day and I had to rush into my green shorts this morning before Antz gave me a pinch. I just woke up from a short nap, so I wouldn’t be too groggy, and now I am anxiously waiting for my beloved to come home from his St. Patty’s day bar shaninghens. I am craving Coldstone ice cream so we’re going as soon as he gets home. I was considering to start taping off the room and the french door with painters tape but I was to lazy. We’ll start tomorrow morning but we have early morning bebe clothing shopping and we have to wait until after noon when the A/C people come out to tune up the system. Hopefully, they won’t try to upsell us although our unit looks like its 10 years old.

I am super excited to get this nursery ready for furniture, I need to get on it and buy the Flip camcorder so we can make a video for Livs of us putting together her room.

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