Stroller Indecisiveness and The September Issue

Ok, I am watching the September Issue and I am so freaking loving it!!



















I so badly wanted to see it at Los Feliz theater but Aimee couldn’t go and no one else wanted to go with me. My fashion buddy, Nicolette had already seen it so now I watching it à la Netflix. So far, the soundtrack is making me so happy, Ladytron, and I adore Grace Coddington!


















Don’t let this photo fool you, Grace was hot stuff back in the 60’s and modeled for Vogue. The fashion scene in 60’s London, Heaven!!

So the newest debate is do I get the Bugaboo Bee or Bugaboo Chameleon? I saw someone with a Chameleon yesterday and it made me want it but it feels like the Bee would be better for long term. The price difference is the chameleon is $880 and the Bee *May 2010 model* is $649.










The 2009 version, seat is too narrow for toddlers, canopy is too low and brakes have been known to fail.

The new version has fixed all those problems and I guess I’ll wait until the new Bee model comes out to make up my mind, or not!

Last Monday my Mom and I somehow ended in Manhattan Beach so I took week 28 photos. It was a lovely day on the beach.



Yikes, my shadow is enormous!

I love this one of us, however we do look a bit alien-like. I am so annoyed with UPS! I should have alot of packages coming in today. The sooner I get my Flip, the sooner Antz and I can start building the bebe furniture. Hmm, do I want to start building yet? Maybe once I order the glider so we have ample room for everything.

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