Cirque du Bebe Countdown

….7 weeks to go. I have already purchased my dress, hair accessories and hopefully in 2 weeks I’ll have my Sam Edelman sandals but what about the actual shower?! I transferred money from ING for shower supplies and favors. The transfer should happen by Monday so I can order the envelopes

Antz has to print the invitations, posters and all the games/wishes for bebe

He also has to make stickers for the namecards that will go on the take-out boxes and serve as placecards.

I have to order the ostrich feather centerpieces

The plates, napkins and utensils

The frames for the pregnancy portraits from Burke Decor

Oh and speaking of preggo portraits, Sarah Hoag emailed me this morning letting me know that she will be in LA April 19-25th. I booked Friday April 23rd from 11 am – 1 pm at  Topanga State Beach. She said she charges $250 for the session which included about 60 images. I thought I would have to pay a ton for image reprints but she said I can take them to any place (CVS) and have them printed. I am so excited! I need to find a great dress but no luck yet.

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