Disappointment City

Yesterday Antz hurried home to pick me up because I wanted to go back to the thrift store to buy those amazing pink side tables. I was so excited about them because we needed something to hold the appetizers and the tables look so chic. Well, once we arrived at the store, no pink tables in sight. I was hoping the staff moved them to the back but alas, they were sold. It sucks so bad because Antz was there at 2pm and went back at 6pm. I wish he bought them the first time but he was like, you told me to find a frame, not tables. Waaaah! Oh well, we still need to find an ornate frame to turn into shabby chic chalkboard. I’m sure we’ll find something over the weekend. I have decided to nix the guess the diaper poop *candy bar* game because I can’t figure out how to heat up the candy bars and instead play the drink from the bottle game. I figure with only 4 choices of candy bars, there many be multiple winners, but the bottles cost more.

I don’t know what drink I’ll put in the bottles but I really don’t want to use beer *it smells*, maybe apple juice or root beer. Today I’m ordering the shower envelopes, plates, napkins and straws.

On a happier note, I finally got my printer stand and Antz put it together last night. Out of all the furniture building we’ve been doing this one seemed the most difficult. I think Antz exhaustion is catching up with him because last night he seemed like he lost all energy. The printer stand looked like it came with 2 drawers but it’s really one big drawer with a faux front.

These are the knobs we bought at Anthropologie. I like them 1,000 times better than the ones it came with. We still need to DIY it to match the bedroom furniture. Antz likes the white because it matches the white frames in the room but to me it sticks out in a bad way. So now I see how much storage the “drawer” provides, I have to keep my old storage cart to hold all my office supplies. Antz is so smart, he took off the wheels on the cart and now it fits under the desk. I am so happy we got a new printer especially since this one is wireless. Before I had to only use Antz computer in his office to print things and it was a pain. We still need to figure out how to scan photos but last night I was super tired while I was setting it up.

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