Best thing about planning events, food tasting!

Today after my wondeful session with Gilli I went to PF Changs in Pasadena to meet with the manager, Bill. He is totally a sweet guy, I gave him my new revised menu and everything looks fabulous. He made some crab wontons for me to sample and they were great but I’m not having them as appetizers since they get soggy quick.

I asked Antz to try to find a frame similar to this one so we can add a chalkboard and write our menu.

He couldn’t find one he liked at a thrift store but he did find these fierce tables.

How amazing are they? I want to use them for the appetizers. I went to Beverages & More to see if they carried Izze soda. They happened to have a case of 24 in grapefruit so I bought them. I also bought some Sofia White wine but I need another case of Izze. I’m contemplating which flavor to get and I’m leaning towards Clementine. Bev Mo’ had another case of pomergrante Izze but I don’t know how that would taste.

I need to order the straws and envelopes. Antz is going to set up the printer tonight and print a few sample invites to measure the size of the paper.

Sucks because you can’t pick your own color so I am crossing my fingers we get blue.

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