Liv’s Nursery is getting Mobile!

This morning my lovely woke up with the birdies and started working on Olivia’s mobile. He didn’t want to use the wood stick he originally planned because of the weight over her crib. He found a nice alternative that is light and cohesive. I love how it came out!!

How cute is the mobile?? I couldn’t seem to get a shot of all of us facing forward but it cracks me up how much it looks like us. So when Antz got home from work he picked me up and we went to the Glendale Galleria to check out the new Stella McCartney line at Baby Gap. Aimee is more excited about it than I am. I am not blown away but the line, the colors look so muted and 80% of the clothes are for big kids. I did like a couple of dresses and a one piece knit but Antz wasn’t so keen on them. We ended up getting  a cute coral shorts outfit.

After dinner at Panera Bread, we stopped by Whole Foods to see if they carried Izze sodas. They had them in the 4 pack bottles for $5.39 so I got 4 packs in sparking apple and peach. I need to go to Bev Mo today and get 2 more packs of Sofia white wine and a 6 pack of San Pellegrino sparkling water. I need more ice buckets like the one we have but I can’t remember where we bought it. Antz brought home some belated birthday presents from my friends Nicolette & Ale and they got me the kid’s accordion I wanted!!

Kids Accordion

Yesterday I went into baby shower online ordering overload. I ordered the envelopes, straws, plates, napkins, and take-out boxes. I still need to order the ostrich feathers, frames for the pregnancy portraits, baby bottles, pencils, and paper for all the things we have to print. Antz hasn’t found the frame for the menu chalkboard but I have complete faith in him. When we got home he tried to work on editing the Flip video but we can’t figure it out. Most of our electronics we refuse to read the instruction manuals and just figure it out through trial and error *mostly error*. At one point he thought he lost the video footage but he will try again tonight.

I am 31 weeks today, Holy Cow!! 9 weeks to go. I have made it the single digit countdown. Please stay cooking until 40 weeks Olivia.

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