I am the April Fool!

I cannot think of a good gag to pull on my hubby because I am totally scared I’ll jinx myself. Oh well, hopefully today I’ll get a few packages in the mail *Cost Plus kids accordion, goldfish kite and part of my Gap order*. Once I get the Cost Plus order I am returning the accordion I bought, since my friend Ale gave me one for my birthday.

I didn’t buy the mocassins and socks yesterday which is good because I need to stay on budget and focus on upcoming events *like buying my baby shower sandals*. Yesterday we went to dinner at The Kitchen Italian with Antz sister Debra for my belated birthday. It was quite yummy and I surprisingly ate alot, garlic bread, lasagna and a piece of cheesecake. We told Debra about our shower plans and she is onboard to pick up the food at PF Changs. She peeked at the nursery and loved it! I can’t wait for her to see it finished. So last night my dearest printed some samples of the shower activities. I think it came out well but we need to buy thicker paper.
Here is the concept:

Here’s our design

I think this will work perfectly. Still not sure if we are going to do the *family tree* idea yet. Last night I was checking out Snippet & Ink and looking for cool beach pose ideas for the pregnancy shoot. I definitely want to steer away from the traditional stuff I’ve seen before. I want to take a few of us with our felt moustaches so it will intergrate with the shower. I hope we find the frame this weekend. Maybe tonight we’ll go to kinkos to have the invites printed. Ideally, I’d like to send them by Saturday.

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