Shall I? or shan’t I?

I am so tempted to buy shoes/socks from J. Crew today. They are having a 30% off sale and I’ve wanted these shoes since last fall.











The problem is I have a pair of moccasin booties in brown and Antz hates them. He thinks they make me look *squat* was his word. I badly need these socks!! I adore the mocassins and today is the last day of the sale but I need to buy my baby shower sandals first *so worried my size will sell out*.








*please forgive my non-pedicure swollen feet* Problem here is it my Mom had to push, pull, squeeze my feet into these. We still weren’t able to zip up the back. Now, I’ve had difficult shoes in the past, anything for fashion, but if I can’t get into them now, what will my feet be like in 2 more months? I do love them and my dress will cover them so they barely peek out. Gah!

So I saw this incredible wedding today and now I want to steal this idea for our shower. Due to the addition of the baby bottle game in our budget, I was sadly forced to nix the pom poms from the shower. I really wanted to use them as a decor focal point in the lemon tree but now I am in love with the idea of making a *literal* family tree.










The idea would cost nothing, we borrow family photos from his Mom and scan them into our computers *something we have been saying we would do for years anyway* and after touching them up in Photoshop and adding each person’s relationship to Olivia, we would print them and hang them from the tree using our leftover ribbon from the wedding. Antz has already vetoed the idea because he says this is not a family reunion and it would be too much trouble. I think it’s adorable and make the guests feel special. After the shower we could give the photos to the guests for a keepsake. How can he not be on board? BOO!

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