TCOB! *Taking Care of Baby Shower*

Yesterday my BFF, Aimee and her son Holden came to visit. They loved the nursery *of course* and we went to have dinner and dessert at a diner in Alhambra. We had fun!

After they left we starting working on Bebe Shower tasks. Antz did the first round of namecard stickers and put them on the takeout boxes. They look AMAZING!!

I love them!! Even though they are small they look adorable. He thinks the boxes aren’t big enough to hold leftovers but it’s ok. Hopefully everyone will eat all the food so we’re not stuck with tons of rice. I started making the ribbon for the clothespins. I like the colors and the curling I did isn’t wow-ing me. Antz thinks they look ok and at least it’s something.

We figured out how to use the Fuji camera and I took a test shot of Antz on the couch. We love it! It does take a while to develop but they are super cute.

*Yay our new curtains!!*
Today I run more errands, back to Target to exchange my slippers. Grocery shopping and hopefully I’ll get the baby bottles in the mail today. Tonight we are going to Paramount Studios to see Alice in Wonderland *sadly not in 3D* oh well, we haven’t been to the movies since Wolfman which I didn’t like so much. I am a bit bummed and annoyed that I’m not getting more RSVPs. So far, I have 7 confirmed guests. It bothers me that people get such an awesome invite but don’t immediately respond. It’s far enough in advance for them to block that day on their calendar. I really don’t want to have to call each person on May 1st to get them to confirm. It also holds up our favors production. So many people were asking me about the shower, yet no word now that they have the invite 🙁
Arrgh! Why is my cat the only one who knows when I get a package. I have so many things scheduled to be delivered today and the mailman NEVER rings my bell! My cat hurried into the bedroom with her ears back and hid in my closet. That is the only way I knew someone must be at the door. Of course it was my baby bottles.

They are quite small so I am hoping we don’t get multiple winners. I need to make sure they will all fit on the tray we bought to pass them out on. It’s funny these photograph orange but they are red.

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