I am the Delivery Queen

Seriously, I got 5 packages today!! The Post Office, UPS and Fed Ex must be sick of me. Earlier I got the baby bottles and Liv’s minnetonkas and romper from Milkshop. As I was leaving to run errands I bumped into the mail lady. Usually my mailman is a grumpy guy who never speaks or looks at me. He doesn’t ring my bell so I find my packages thrown over our gate in the yard. Sometimes they land in the roses 🙁

*this gate stays locked but the doorbell is on the left by the garage*
So, the maillady said she had 2 packages for me and she said, you keep your gate locked and I told her, you can ring my doorbell and I’ll come unlock the gate. She seemed really friendly and nice. There was another package waiting for me at the post office main branch. So I went and picked it up. I got Olivia’s Vans order, the leaf tiebacks from Urban Outfitters and my hospital gown. I tried on the gown and it fits a bit snug in the booby area which concerns me once I *hopefully* get my milk.

I was surprised to see the gown is actually purple *well lavender* in the photo online, it looks pink but I can live with it. I am hoping I don’t get any stains on it but from what I’ve heard, it’s going to get dirty. The stuff for Olivia is beyond cute. The vans are seriously doll-sized, she’ll wear them maybe once but I love them! Antz will put in the curtain tiebacks tonight. My tazi pouf is scheduled to come on Monday and still waiting to get tracking for the bumble bell anklet.

I have never said this before but I am actually getting sick of shopping. I shouldn’t put this in writing because Antz will use it to his advantage 🙂
I emailed Agnes at KnockKnocking on etsy to ask how much would she charge me to add Bonjour letters to the wreath I want. She said she’ll add them for GRATIS!! Yay, I am ordering it now. I have to buy a spray to protect the yarn from getting dirty but it will look so rad on our front door.

Yesterday at Target I bought a new doormat for the shower. Our old one is looking ratty but it matches our Pirate flag.

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