Busy bee as ever

I went to Tarjay and returned the ink. I feel like such a doof because it clearly says on the package we bought, Not for HP Photosmart Plus and it also says photo ink. So I got the right one this time, only $1 more per box 🙂 I bought some adorable slippers to wear at the hospital but again, I have to exchange them because they are too small. I totally thought slippers were one size fits all!

I found everything I needed, I bought rug pad tape since the rug is round we can cut it and add it along the edges. I got needles for our bike pump to inflate my birth ball. I bought curling ribbon to decorate the clothespins, I like the color palette I found.

I found exacto knife blades and while I was in the scrapbooking aisle I got a bigger book since Antz was saying the one I bought is too small and wouldn’t hold our invites and keepsakes.

I like the darker color and larger photo of the smaller album but we need more room to put everything in the larger one. Besides, Antz is going to use the glittery letters I bought to make it look circus-y. Speaking of circus, this morning we were listening to the movie soundtrack station on our DVR *I know, total nerds* and we heard this awesome Franz Ferdinand song from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. I love how old-timey it sounds and I can add it to the playlist for the half hour *greeting guests* time to play inside the house. So far this is the playlist

We are giving a gift to the first guest that arrives and waiting on the front porch to hand each guest a clothspin and let them wander the house until lunch is served at 1pm. I went to Beverages and More and bought more Sofia Coppola white wine and a 6 pack of San Pellagrino sparkling water. So besides the yarn wreath, flowers the day before the shower for the house *hopefully I’ll find peonies* and this weekend we are going to Ikea to buy the Fabler canopies to cover the food and dessert tables, I am all done with shower shopping! Just waiting for more RSVPs to come in so I can get a finalized count for the catering and chair rentals. Everything is coming along beautifully!! *knock on wood*

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