Production is the name of my game!

I was wiped out last night, I fell asleep before 10pm. I am such an old lady now. Antz printed a few more invites to distribute as the rsvps come rolling in. I feel like I have been lagging on my Bebe Shower to-do list. I found pics online of the celeb babies and their parents. I hope most people recognize the babies because the *babies* are now toddlers. This morning I was up at 8 and I have been moving nonstop. I started laundry, swept the bedroom floor, changed the bedding, made the bed, cleared off my desk, went to Fresh & Easy and made my own lunch…I was craving pizza.

I hope to finish the moustaches and print the pics tonight. Tomorrow I’m picking up Aimee to hang out because that night is the Christening class. Antz and Leslie will meet us there since they are going together from work. Yesterday I found another party rental place and they emailed me a quote. I thought I would go with them because their prices are much lower than Pico Party Rents but when you add the delivery they are only $8 less. I’d rather stick with a reputable company. I am super excited because I peeked and someone bought some things from our Giggle registry!! It’s the Medula newborn gift set and Sophie the Giraffe. YAY! I love registries.

I am super happy right now, my good *old* friends just rsvped! And this is making me especially happy!!

I finally started working on the Celebrity Baby Game, Antz made a playcard but his laptop turned into a jerk and restarted just as he was saving the template so he has to re-design it again 🙁 He cut out frames that I need to glue to the pics but I’ll do that tomorrow, it’s almost midnight and I am surprised I’m up this late.

Can you match the celeb couple to the kids? Also name the Brady and Cosby kids!

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