50 days countdown

Staying up late last night caused me to oversleep this morning. I was partially awake around 8am but once Antz left for work I fell asleep until almost 10. I have to pick up Aimee at 1 and we are going to Kitson Kids so I can look for the Ugg Erin’s for Olivia.

I want them in baby blue. Then we’ll check out Cost Plus World Market so I can look at the couch pillows and candle holders. I am excited for her to see the nursery again. Tonight is the christening class and the first time the Godmothers will officially meet. 🙂
It’s day 3 of the garage repair and things are really moving along flawlessly. I did have a moment of panic on Tuesday when the city building inspector showed up at my door but David took care of it and gave me a work permit yesterday so I have peace of mind. My stress has decreased significantly but still have the *lamest* rock concert going on across the street on a daily basis.
Kitson Kids was disappointing, they said they stopped carrying Uggs and I didn’t find anything there I liked. We did see paparazzi taking pics of some guy but we didn’t know who he was. It was an A list moment. We went to Jerry’s Deli for lunch and it was seriously yum. Me and Aimee shared a piece of strawberry cheesecake and it was amazing! She took a nap at my house while I cleaned the house a little. I am still debating if I should continue to search for the Uggs or just bite the bullet and order them online.

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