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Last night we went to Baptism class. What a snoozefest! I didn’t really get any information but I do need to buy a christening candle and choose a Baptism name for her. Leslie and Aimee were fun, I wish we could have taken them out to dinner but the class didn’t end until 9 and I had to go pick up my Mom in LA. I didn’t get to her house until 10:30. We picked up El Pollo Loco *gross* for a late dinner. This morning my Mom and I did each other’s hair which was awesome since next Friday is our pregnancy portraits.

We just went to Vons and I had carne asada tacos for lunch. Tonight Antz is grilling steak and baked potatos for dinner. Tomorrow we may go to Lowes to buy a rake to aerate the soil on the bald spot of our lawn. Our friend has compost for us to use to try to get the grass to grow. We also need mulch for the back part of the yard

Hopefully we can make the yard look like this again. This was taken about 3 years ago. The avocado tree is now 4xs that size. I finally bought cookware. I was originally going to buy a Calphalon set from Bed, Bath & Beyond but I saw them in person and they look cheap and the lowest price was $180. I bought this set from Macy’s by Martha Stewart for $78.99!! I also bought a griddle for pancakes. Total spent: $123.58, bargain shopper!!ย ๐Ÿ™‚

My Mom’s pug, Ching has been tormenting Lola since last night. She finally decided to ignore her.

I still haven’t finished the Match the celeb baby game but at least Antz printed the player cards.

I am worried the player cards look a bit drab and need more color but he already printed 48 of them and he is over dealing with this game. I think I’ll take a nap *yawn*

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