Blondes really do have more fun!

Surprise! I got my hair colored!!


Here’s my *boring* before photo
I must admit, after years of bleaching and ruining my hair, I was nervous
My hair stylist told me to buy Olaplex which helps protect my hair from damage


My hair felt healthy and even after a trim longer than ever
Who’s that lady? So happy I went for it!
I love gooooooooold! I have always wanted to go blonde
Here’s my after, I love the transformation

I wanted to take my new camera out for some shooting so I took the kid to a store I’ve been wanting to check out called Sockerbit. Sounds like a computer shop, right? It’s Swedish candy store and very cool.

She wasn’t excited at all
I love colorful, foreign packaging
I am beyond happy with my new camera. It’s lighter than my old one, so much easier to use and this one has video function.

Too bad this awesome antique store next door was closed, they had so many interesting pieces.

I want that vintage French flag so bad!



I am looking forward to the new year and stepping outside of my comfort zone!!

Sockerbit Candy Store
7922 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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