Le Dîner en Blanc Paris, France 2014

One of the coolest things we did last year was attend the first ever Dîner en Blanc in Beverly Hills. Going to the White Dinner in Paris has been on my Life List for some time now so earlier this year I reached out to the organizers of the DEB, casually asking if I happened to be in Paris when the dinner took place, would I be able to attend now that I was a member. Well, I didn’t expect a such quick response since the dinner is super exclusive and has over 13,000 people attend, I assumed it was a long shot. The same weekend I sent the email, I got responses from the organizers in Los Angeles, who then forwarded my email to the organizers in Paris. One day later I got an email directly from the son of the man who founded le Dîner en Blanc. He remembered me *and my heart headpiece* from last year. He responded that we could attend as his guests!

We found the most amazing sitter through a friend of mine. Caroline is American but has been living in Paris for a few years and speaks fluent French. She and Olivia hit it off fabulously! I knew we were leaving Olivia in safe hands. We borrowed a fold up table from our friends *thanks Warren & Kim* and luckily found some white chairs in the courtyard of the apartment we were staying. I brought most of our white dinner items from last year in my suitcase and borrowed tableware from our apartment. I couldn’t believe she didn’t have wine glasses or white dinner napkins so I had to buy some. We bought antique roses *since white peonies were no longer in season* and used a teapot for a vase. I found a pretty good sushi place, a fresh baguette, a bottle of Freixenet and pretty white tiramisu desserts.

I love this bag I bought from the arts district from Apolis
ynK71w on  Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
I carried my Heart headpiece on the plane with me but it still ended up damaged so Antz helped me put together this lovely floral crown


My handsome date
Just follow the folks in white
Of course I had to sneak some Ban.do in there
I love his birdy boutonnière
Hey Aymeric!
Where are we headed to?
Not here
The dinner was held on six of the thirty seven bridges that span the Seine river
Passerelle Debilly footbridge was our location
Not a bad view, right?

Darn it, our tiramisu was smashed to bits


If I had to guess, I would say there was about 500 people on our bridge
Poppin’ bottles under the Eiffel Tower #officiallyPIMP
Salut, my love. To many more Diners en Blanc!
The most perfect sunset ever. I am so happy!

Tourists walked through the dinner all night, someone asked me if it was a wedding
Sparklers are illegal in Los Angeles so this was super fun!!
She Sparkles!
This was my first time seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle in person
Small world! I bumped in HGTV’s Adrain Leeds from House Hunters International
Of course I asked her to find us the perfect pied-à-terre in Paris!
It’s so fun making new friends
We met the loveliest Canadians at the tables next to us!
Hey Ladies!
There were people in white everywhere you looked
Time to boogie!
Look at that full moon
Our bridge looks so festive
J’adore Paris, I’ll never forget this night.

This evening was enchanted. It was nothing compared to the Beverly Hills dinner with only 1,500 guests. I am so full of gratitude and overwhelmed with joy that I was able to participate in such an epic event. I am blown away by the coordination and cooperation it takes to bring over 13,000 people together for a lovely dinner in Paris. I am accomplishing so many things on my Life List during this trip, it just may be a good time to add more goals! For those of you who may not know what the dinner is, here is a video showing the inception and past years. I hope to attend le Dîner en Blanc in New York next!

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  1. Looks like you had an AMAZING time! I hope to attend the Diner En Blanc in L.A. this year. I can only hope to attend the Diner in Paris one day! I LOVE Paris!. I am a quater French and am very proud of my 'Frenchness' Hope to meet you at the next DEB! Merci!

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