Hello Monday :)

I am excited for this week! I have acupuncture today, the building inspector is coming by to check our garage roof.  I am hoping the garage repair will be complete by Thursday. Tomorrow is our first prenatal Labor & Birth class at the hospital. This Friday Antz has the day off for our pregnancy photo shoot and we will work in the backyard. Last night Antz started designing the christening invitation. I think it looks great but I am having problems wording it so the guests know they are responsible to pay for their own breakfast.

I found a great restaurant one block from the church so they wouldn’t have to move their cars from the church parking lot *parking in Pasadena is crazy*. However on Yelp, it says no reservations and not a good place for large groups. I emailed them about having 30 people on a Saturday but no response yet. I am hoping to get all the christening details ironed out now rather than deal with them after Olivia is born and I will be preoccupied. There is only 5 weeks until the shower and then 7 weeks until my due date! I am so excited yet a bit nervous, hopefully the classes will calm my fears.

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