D*I*Y is the name of my game

I did the glitter for the letters and I am quite pleased with my craftiness.

Now we need to string the letters together and Ta-dah, we’ll have a lovely banner to use for tomorrow’s photo shoot. I need to go to the grocery store now. I wish I could figure out how to wear my hair tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m nervous for tomorrow. I have been looking nonstop for cute maternity photo ideas but everything is the same. I also feel so uninspired by my look, my insomnia has given me the deepest bags under my eyes, I am in need of a pedicure and my hair is limp as a noodle.
So to put my mind at ease, I decided to have a dress rehearsal of our photo shoot tonight. Antz bought a new shirt from American Eagle and decided to go with jeans over shorts. I have 3 outfit options but 1 of the 3 require a strapless bra. Please ignore my non-makeup face and rollers.

I am sleeping with the heat rollers in my hair to hold the curl since the second I hit the beach my hair will pouf up worse than Snooki from Jersey Shore. Exhibit A:

Not my best hair moment. Salt water air + my flat ironed hair = grossness! I totally need to invent a battery operated flat iron.

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