Best Day Ever!

I am such a spazz! I totally had nothing to worry about for our photo shoot. Sarah was so INCREDIBLE! She was really friendly, she is 5 months preggo with her 3rd child and so gorgeous! We met at the beach but unfortunately there was a beached whale over-tanned old guy in a speedo *yes an actual speedo* laying next to our palm tree. Other than a few people and a dog peeing on Sarah’s backpack, the beach was pretty much all ours. We were so excited we forgot to take pics with our camera for us but here are a few we did take before the shoot. You can see what a beautiful day it was.

We took a great variety of shots, we got Olivia’s banner in most of them, Antz did his jumping and I used my parasol. Sarah said we should get the pics in a week so I am counting down the hours. She is so creative and talented, I felt like we were in the best of hands. Everything went perfect but I am super bummed I left my week 34 sign at home. Lame! We grabbed lunch *I had Emerald’s Thai, so yum* and we stopped off at Antz Mom’s house. She gave me the bad news his sister Reva is going to be in Vegas the weekend of our shower. I’m glad she let me know but I am annoyed Reva hasn’t called me to let me know. Seriously, when I say RSVP I mean it! So after hanging with her for a while we went to downtown LA and found the christening store *like finding a needle in a haystack* and bought the Baptism set but it wasn’t the same one I saw online. It’s totally cheap but it’s cute and has everything we need for her.

It doesn’t have the shell for the water but we have our own from the wedding. Then we scurried off to the Glendale Galleria so I could return my Sam Edelman sandals * I tried them on this morning and they are waaay too tight to wear to the shower, tears *
Goodbye adorable shoes 🙁

However 15 minutes on the way to the mall I realized the time and was like OMG! We have a prenatal class at 6:30 tonight and it’s 5:45!! Wow, I am so glad my brain kicked me and we rushed home to change and got the the class with 10 minutes to spare. This class was ok, I was seriously tired from such a long day *3 hours is much too long for me* and the instructor was kinda lame but we learned alot about infant care and we swaddled doll babies so that was fun. The first half was pretty nightmarish as our instructor told us about the severe bleeding I will have for 6 weeks, the swelling and burning from the episiotomy and the boob leakage. I left our camera at home so we had to use our iphones.

Piles of evil babies
Seriously creepy!
My husband, king of the swaddlers.
Demonstrating the football hold technique.
Me shhing the baby, it’s not a very happy baby.

We watched a video showing the Happiest Baby on the Block technique and although it seems to work, I am highly suspicious of the *doctor’s* methods. He was shh-ing loudly in the babies ears and I hated that. I would totally swaddle our baby but not as tightly as he did. I am using a swing Gilli, my acupuncturist just bought us this swing from our registry last Wednesday.

The guy recommends swaddling the baby and then putting her in a swing on fast. Many of the couples were laughing at his methods, the guy came off as a quack! So we have one half of our classes done and next week we finish. Then May 3rd I have breastfeeding which is the most important class. Our car seat was delivered today but we are much too tired to open it and play with it. I am so happy with the day. Tomorrow I have to return the sandals *hopefully find new ones that fit* and finally finish all the baby shower projects!

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